The Echelon™ 2S (12-SEER), 3S (13-SEER), and 5T (15-SEER) heat pumps feature scroll and reciprocating compressor technology designed to offer energy-saving efficiency, reduced noise, and increased comfort levels. The 3S and 5T feature hot heat pump technology designed to produce discharge temperatures that are, on average, 10 degrees warmer than the discharge temperatures of standard heat pumps, resulting in greater comfort, less dependence on supplemental heating, and lower energy costs, claims the company. The 5T Model has the WhisperDrive™ system, which features a combination of various sound-attenuating components designed to dampen the unit's sound. The 2S, 3S, and 5T units are available with HSPF ratings of 7.4 and above. The 3S and 5T models are Energy Star® qualified.

Coleman/York UPG, Attn: Mickey Smith, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069; 405-419-6541;\echelon.

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