ORLANDO, Fla. - Contractor feedback, an expanding distribution network, and a broad range of new products and technologies combined to mark the Danfoss (www.acr.danfoss.com) annual press breakfast at the 2005 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

"Our philosophy is to think globally and act locally," said Kjeld Staerk, sales president, Americas.

One aspect of the contractor involvement came with improvements to the company's KPU control. According to officials, "Focus groups, teams of installers, and service technicians at every level of expertise specified features they wanted, then provided ongoing evaluation of the design process. The approach ensured that the new controls are easier to install and troubleshoot, more reliable, and have a longer service life."

Officials reported that the company hopes to have 140 stocking wholesalers in North America for aftermarket distribution by the end of 2005. The company reported there were 90 such in 2004 and none in 2003. "Danfoss is the fastest growing supplier to OEMs in North America," officials said. "But we also want to improve our aftermarket distribution."

Specific product announcements made included:

  • An electronic controller was said to provide the tightest temperature control currently available. The controller operates with various manufacturers' electronic evaporator pressure regulating valves. One of the features of the AK2 SC-255 rack controller is an algorithm for control of EEPR valves.

  • A new ADAP-KOOL® electronic supermarket controller is said to provide flexible, easy-to-use network control for refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting, and is de-signed to be "fully backward compatible" with earlier Danfoss controllers and I/O products as well as those that have joined the Danfoss family through acquisitions.

  • A higher-capacity direct current hermetic compressor, type BD80F, has been added. The compressor is designed for greater energy efficiency and for use in mobile applications, including refrigerated cabinets for small delivery vans and larger refrigeration systems on boats and in homes and clinics off the power grid. It is a dual voltage DC hermetic compressor for R-134a that will operate on 12 or 24VDC.

  • A Coca-Cola compliant cassette refrigeration system was also introduced. A cassette system is said to be a self-contained refrigeration system including compressor, condenser, evaporator, fans, tubing, and wiring - fully charged and tested - in a metal and plastic hybrid enclosure. The cassette slides into place. Servicing technicians need no Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification, because service involves only removal and replacement of the cassette, and there is no opening of the sealed refrigeration system. Cassettes removed and replaced in the field are returned to the source for factory repair or recycling.

  • A series of solenoid coils click onto valve armatures without the need for external fastening hardware. That key advantage, the company said, simplifies mounting and maintenance as compared with traditional coil attachment that requires cap, label, and nut.

  • The ETC1H electronic cold control offers direct control of compressors drawing up to 16 A and a wide array of new features. It can be used in such applications as domestic refrigeration appliances, and in vending machines, ice banks, and other commercial appliances. For compressors up to 16 A, the control eliminates the need for a control relay, also offering direct cabinet temperature measurement.

  • For precision liquid injection into air conditioning and refrigeration evaporators, the company introduced an electronically operated stepper motor expansion valve, type ETS. In the new valve, a stepper motor drives the valve piston for precise positioning and optimal control of liquid injection, according to the company.

  • A series of GBC ball valves have a slim line design using laser welding, and bidirectional flow with minimum pressure drop. The valves have a working pressure of 650 psig (test pressure 940 psig), making them suitable for R-410A and subcritical CO2 applications, as well as any fluorinated refrigerant.

  • For application in commercial refrigeration, the company has introduced an AC-operated variable-speed hermetic compressor, type NLV, in 1,400-, 2,000-, and 2,600-Btuh versions. NLV compressors have a high nominal EER, allowing very high system efficiency, the company said. When cooling requirements change, for example after door openings or when room temperature contents are added to the cabinet, NLV compressors automatically change speed, significantly reducing energy consumption.

  • The OPTYMA line of compact condensing units comes in capacities from 1/5 to 13-1/2 hp for North American OEM markets. They can be customized either before delivery from the factory or in the field. The standard envelope is pre-drilled to accept over 20 options that will have no effect on the unit's spatial dimensions, component location, or routing of cables and tubing. Twenty capacity steps are offered, each available in all U.S. and Canadian voltages, and for a variety of current refrigerants.

    Publication date: 03/14/2005