MILWAUKEE — At the most recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) conference, a focal point was the exhibit hall where more than 100 manufacturers, service providers, and educational organizations provided updated information.

The following is culled from the event, which was held in March. Although not all-encompassing in terms of all that was being offered by exhibitors, this alphabetical list provides a summary of what was on display at the Industrial Refrigeration Expo. Website links are provided for those seeking additional information.

AAIM Controls ( showed starters and drives to PLC systems and microprocessor designs.

A. Blasquez ( noted its experience with ammonia refrigeration systems in installation and service.

Acuren Inspection ( detailed its ammonia refrigeration inspection services, which use non-invasive methods.

Advanced Energy Control ( showed energy management systems for electrical demand, advanced control, and customized technology.

Airfoil Impellers ( featured direct-drive unicast panel fans for refrigeration applications where moisture could cause problems.

Airgas Specialty Products ( noted specialized services for industrial ammonia refrigeration.

Alfa Laval ( noted a range of shell-and-tube condensers, evaporators, and other heat transfer equipment.

American Industrial Refrigeration ( had a pump out package system for ammonia refrigeration equipment.

Ammonia Safety and Training Institute ( provided information on its LANCE (Life Safety, Alert, Notify, Control, and Evacuate) 30-minute emergency response plan.

Analytical Technology ( showed the PortaSens II gas detector for leak checks in gas storage areas, around equipment, or in confined spaces prior to entry.

Armstrong International ( noted refrigerated purging solutions and described why to purge air from a refrigeration system.

APSM ( is a consulting service related to a company implementing and maintaining a PSM/RPM compliance program.

Bacharach ( included in its products the single-zone gas leak monitor with proprietary infrared sensing technology.

Baker Inspection Group ( said it “specializes in mechanical integrity and regulatory and code auditing.”

Baltimore Aircoil Co. ( had information on evaporative condensers with capacities from 7 to 2,506 ammonia tons in a single unit.

Bassett Mechanical ( described its engineering and construction of industrial refrigeration systems.

Bitzer Canada ( had information on a number of products including open drive screw compressors.

Bry-Air ( had a range of case histories involving desiccant dehumidification applications.

Calibration Technologies Inc. ( showed the GasGuard NH3 ammonia sensor designed to perform in all environments.

CAMCO Lubricants ( noted USDA H1 and H2 hydrocracked mineral oils and synthetic lubricants.

Carnot Refrigeration ( described itself as a manufacturer and refurbisher of customized industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Century Refrigeration ( talked about Comdustrial™, industrial quality equipment in commercial capacity ranges.

Chem-Aqua ( discussed its water treatment products, equipment, and services for boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, process water, and potable water.

Chester-Jensen ( featured air agitated ice builders to provide low cost 32 degree F cooling water by “storing” refrigeration.

CIMCO Refrigeration ( reported on how it designs, manufactures, installs, and services energy-efficient ice rink systems.

CMC Associates ( described architecture, engineering, and construction for the food and beverage industry.

Colmac Coil ( said it can provide “custom-engineered solutions from heat transfer experts.”

Cool Air ( featured remote sensors, stainless steel wash down tubes, battery backup, and remote alarms.

Cornell Pump ( has a 2.5CBH close coupled refrigerant pump. Two mechanical seals are mounted back to back to prevent escape of refrigerant.

Danfoss ( described how its VLT® drives can improve efficiency in refrigeration while using less energy.

Delta Tee International ( featured custom-design heat exchangers, pressure vessels for a range of refrigerants including ammonia, propane, and carbon dioxide.

Digital Lumens ( featured LED high bay fixtures for industrial refrigeration sites with high ceilings, racked aisles and required increased foot-candles.

Draeger Safety ( described controllers, custom systems and accessories, explosion proof transmitters, and general purpose transmitters.

Dual-Temp ( told how it can provide 24-hour emergency service and replacement parts.

ESI ( talked about design, engineering, and construction of building facilities related to the food industry.

Evapco ( highlighted ammonia air unit evaporators, evaporative condensers, water treatment systems, and packaged recirculators.

Extol of Ohio ( featured fabricated insulation products such as closed cellular insulations, vapor barriers, and high-density pipe supports.

Farley’s S.R.P. ( noted it is a family-owned refrigeration contractor and parts supplier.

Frick by Johnson Controls ( noted refrigeration for food and beverage as part of its line of industrial refrigeration products.

Gamma Graphics ( provides nondestructive ammonia piping inspection utilizing the LIXI Profiler.

Garden City Ammonia Program ( has programs to learn the operation, theory and regulation for ammonia refrigeration and boilers.

Garden City Community College ( detailed its industrial refrigeration ammonia operators training.

GEA Refrigeration North America ( showed the GForce™ refrigeration equipment controller for maximizing energy savings for systems.

GEA PHE Systems NA ( described FlatPlate® blazed plate heat exchangers for commercial/industrial refrigeration.

GF Piping Systems ( described Cool-Fit® for secondary and indirect refrigeration systems.

GFG Instrumentation ( said it develops and manufactures portage gas detectors.

Golden Industrial Refrigeration ( noted itself as a national engineering firm specializing in the design of ammonia refrigeration systems.

Hansen Technologies ( featured the MVP Multi-Valve Platform, a control valve station with up to six separate functions.

HCR Jamison ( described the products it offers for the cold storage industry.

H. A. Phillips & Co. ( featured a purger that was described as a high-capacity device that removes noncondensable gases from the refrigerant vapor in a system.

Hench Control ( talked about its Intermittent Cooling System™ that calculates thermal time constant of product in blast freezing.

Henry Technologies ( highlighted heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, and pressure vessels.

Hermetic Pumps ( offered a canned motor pump specifically designed for refrigerants.

Hill-Phoenix ( discussed its integrated electrical houses, PowerCenter, which are integrated units delivered to the jobsite early in the project.

Honeywell Analytics ( highlighted fixed and portable gas detection systems for food processing, cold storage, refrigeration, and other applications.

Howden Compressors ( discussed rotary twin screw compressors among its range of product offerings.

Howe Corp. ( featured mobile and stationary pump-out systems for ammonia refrigeration applications.

Industrial Consultants ( noted it assists in the preparation of submittal documentation associated with 40 CFR Part 68 Risk Management Program for ammonia refrigeration systems.

Industrial Service & Fabricators ( noted it custom designs and fabricates pressure vessels, tanks, and liquid recirculator assemblies.

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College ( is a Lyndhurst, Va., school that provides training for aspiring and current technicians.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems ( described its design/build refrigeration systems for various facility configurations.

Insul-Therm International ( fabricates and distributes insulation products for refrigeration and process systems.

Integrated Circuit Systems ( provides products for industrial refrigeration, banana ripening rooms, rotating demand control, defrost control, and process control.

ISN ( noted that it uses three-party resources to collect and verify safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information.

Isotherm ( had information on titanium shell and tube heat exchangers for marine refrigeration.

ITW Insulation Systems ( explained extruded polystyrene pipe insulation billet.

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems ( detailed liquid desiccant solutions for cold storage environments to provide humidity control, air quality, safety, and energy improvements.

Krack Corp. ( had information on its industrial evaporator product selection tool designed for energy efficiency, price sensitivity, and reduced refrigerant.

Kuhlman ( promoted itself as providing design, installation, service, and parts for industrial refrigeration.

Lanham Insulation ( described its 30 years of mechanical insulation services.

Lanier Technical College ( described its range of ammonia refrigeration training.

Logic Technologies ( provided details on its process automation systems with a range of energy management features.

Logix Refrigeration ( described refrigeration energy management as it related to plant-wide control efficiencies.

Ludeca ( explained the importance of precision shaft alignment for rotating machinery.

M & M Refrigeration ( highlighted a PC monitor software package that supports multiple connections at the same time and is scalable.

Marking Services Inc. ( noted how it can make identification labels, signs, tapes, and markers.

McCormack Coil ( said it manufactures evaporator coils and specialty finned-tube heat transfer products for ammonia refrigeration.

MIRO Industries ( detailed rooftop support products for gas and mechanical piping, conduit and condensates, water and steam, and mechanical equipment.

Mueller ( highlighted Accu-Therm® semi-welded evaporators. The plate heat exchanger is for solution chilling in refrigeration applications.

Multi-Wing ( had information on high efficiency fans, low noise fans, high static pressure fans, high airflow fans, and corrosion resistant fans.

Mayekawa USA ( showed the J-Series screw compressor package.

NIKKISO Pumps America ( talked about non-seal ammonia pumps for recirculator systems.

Nomaco Insulation ( noted Cryoflex, closed cell polyethylene foam.

North Star Ice ( featured a number of products, including stainless steel flake ice makers.

Omega Thermo Products ( highlighted heat exchangers and evaporators.

Owens Corning ( featured Foamuar® extruded polystyrene fabrication billets.

Parker Hannifin ( had information on liquid level switches suitable for a variety of refrigerants.

PermaTherm ( detailed high-performance insulation systems designed to eliminate IAQ concerns.

Petrochem Insulation ( explained its services such as insulation, siding, scaffolding, fireproofing, coatings and linings, removable blankets, and lead and asbestos abatement.

Phoenix Air Systems ( said it was a designer and manufacturer of critical process air management products.

Polyguard Products ( noted Geowrap™, a nonwoven nylon geotextile used as an outer wrap over RG-2400® products.

Process Compliance ( provides Protexus, a data management system designed to work with any existing RMP/PSM program documentation.

Process Safety and Reliability Group ( provides ammonia process safety management and risk management planning.

Professional Rebuild & Optimal Services ( noted it specializes in reconditioning such equipment as compressors, pumps, blowers, liquid rings, and sealing strips.

QuoteExpress ( said its estimating software allows a company to bid more jobs and better manage projects.

Refrigeration Systems ( provides project engineers, service technicians, and installers for cold storage construction.

Refrigeration Valves & Systems ( supplies industrial refrigeration projects including factory assembled, packaged recirculation systems.

Republic Refrigeration ( highlighted its work in industrial refrigeration system design.

Resource Compliance ( described PSM Writer, a web-based software program to help satisfy OSHA’s PSM, EPA’s RMP, and California’s CalARP regulations.

The Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association ( was promoting its 2012 National Conference, Nov. 6-9, in San Antonio, Texas.

SCS Tracer Environmental ( described its environmental consulting and contracting services.

Select Technologies ( designs, integrates, and starts up an automated system for refrigeration storage expansion.

Schneider Electric ( through its HVAC and Pumping Solutions Center showed premium performance motors, starters, and VFD packages.

Shank Precision Engineering ( offers different lines of valves with subsets of valves within each product line.

Sinteco Impianti ( noted it manufactures air distribution plenums, air ducts, clean room air conditioning, and a/c systems for food process plants.

SmartWatt Energy ( provides turnkey energy efficiency solutions for cold storage and food processing facilities.

Stellar Refrigeration Services ( noted systems and equipment for mechanical systems, process systems, and specialty systems.

Summit Refrigeration ( is involved in design, installation, service, compressor rebuilding, and parts.

Summit Industrial Products ( discussed the RHT series of synthetic blend ammonia compressor oils.

Teikoku USA Inc. ( noted it was a manufacturer and supplier of canned motor pumps.

Thermal Seal Duct ( noted it designs and fabricates ductwork that it said was impervious to leakage.

Tanner Industries ( talked about how it can supply anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia by tank cars, tank trucks, cylinders, and drums.

TechCold International ( featured the Sync 5 Micro industrial refrigeration optimization microprocessor for dealing with a mix of incompatible control hardware that must be optimized for energy saving.

Th. Witt GmbH Industrial Refrigeration ( noted it is involved in refrigeration pumps and float regulators.

VaCom Technologies ( highlighted an energy dashboard, a web-based energy and performance monitoring service.

Vahterus Oy ( had plate and shell heat exchangers that use a fully welded plate pack within shell construction.

Vilter Manufacturing ( discussed single-screw ammonia heat pumps and how to harness heat instead of rejecting it.

Vogt ICE ( noted a plate ice thermal energy storage system for retrofit applications. It optimizes plate heat transfer efficiency.

VRTX Technologies ( specializes in chemical-free treatment of water used in cooling towers and evaporator condensers.

Witt ( noted high pressure float regulators for heat pumps with ammonia to assist in ease of install and for higher energy efficiencies.

Xylem ( featured semi-welded and brazed plate heat exchangers.

Zero Zone ( highlighted its refrigeration systems division and the range of products offered through it.

Publication date: 6/11/2012