SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Carrier Corporation and the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA) announced at a joint press conference in Beijing the launch of China’s Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award.

According to Song Xiaozhi, division head of the International Division of SEPA, the purpose of the award is to “promote protection of the ozone layer, reduce discharge of ozone-depleting substances, and promote the use of non-ozone depleting alternatives by awarding organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to ozone layer protection.”

The award is hosted by SEPA, and supported by the International Economic Cooperation Office of SEPA. Carrier Corporation has committed a three-year sponsorship to provide financial support.

“Carrier commends China for recognizing the importance of stratospheric ozone protection and for leadership in promoting non-ozone depleting alternatives through initiatives such as this awards program,” said John Mandyck, Carrier vice president of government and international relations.

Five Gold awards will be presented each year to the organizations or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the protection of the ozone layer during the year. A Special Gold award will be presented to the organization or individual who has continually made contributions to ozone layer protection.

Publication date: 07/28/2003