The Harmony™ sequencer is for the high-input, 1.5 to 2 million Btuh Power-Fin® line; it controls and sequences up to 12 Power-Fins with three modes of rotation — manual, first on/first off, or automatic for selected lengths of time, from every hour to every seven days. The sequencer’s microprocessors monitor the time it takes for the Power-Fin to raise or lower the temperature, the rate at which the temperature increases or decreases, and the deviation setpoint. This sequencer uses the Power-Fin’s variable-frequency drive capability by adjusting it to any point between 50% and 100% of the maximum firing rate, in 0.5% increments, until the required Btu is reached, the company says. Optional is a standalone, hydronic outdoor temperature reset function; the sequencer also can be connected to an existing outdoor reset control.

Lochinvar Corp., 300 Maddox Simpson Parkway, Lebanon, TN 37087; 615-889-8900; 615-547-1000 (fax); (website).

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