HARRISBURG, PA — When Thermik Geraetedua, GmbH, sought the optimum ‘hook up’ wiring solution for its thermal protection devices, it found that Raychem 44 wire, from Tyco Electronics, headquartered in Harrisburg, provided significant advantages over alternatives. UL and CSA approved with a voltage rating of 600 V, the PVDF crosslinked thinwall wire provides space and weight savings.

Based in Pforzheim, Germany, Thermik is an international manufacturer of thermal protection devices designed to prevent the overheating of motors and transformers in domestic appliances and commercial equipment. The company needed wire to carry high current loads for bi-metal switches and to carry signals from sensors to electronic switches. Therefore, the application demanded a high-performance, cost-competitive wire.

Furthermore, the wire had to demonstrate good shop-handling characteristics and be resistant to commercial oils and winding varnishes found in industrial environments.

The Raychem 44 wire met these requirements and provided the additional benefit of thinwall technology. This technology provides space savings by increasing the wire packing density. Having approvals from both UL and CSA in a single wire product allows the stocking of one product rather than two.

Since the wire is available in several colors, Thermik was able to adopt a color coding system for switching temperature assignment, which is gaining popularity. Not only does color coding reduce production errors, says the company, it also simplifies identification and eases installation.

For more information, visit http://interconnect.raychem.com/indexb.html.

Publication date: 04/15/2002