International Cavitation Tech-nologies, Inc. (ICTK), Tulsa, OK, has granted a license to Ground Floor Capital, L.C. (GFC), a venture capital merchant bank in Naples, FL, for exclusive rights to ICTK’s patent relating to air conditioning using its Ion Collider™ cavitation technology, for compressors and refrigerants.

GFC is managed by a subsidiary of Beckwith Financial Group, a Naples-based investment banking firm focused on emerging technologies. Beckwith will commercially develop applications of the technology, which is expected to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs for residential, commercial, and industrial a/c systems.

“We believe that there is great opportunity in the air conditioning arena for our patented technology,” said Monroe A. Ashworth III, president of ICTK. According to the company, the technology has demonstrated its ability to remove contaminants from a variety of matrices effectively and economically.

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Publication date: 09/04/2000