Team Mechanical Inc. (TMI), Wheeling, IL, recently finished a chiller replacement and cross connection of the chilled water systems at the Motorola Galvin Center and the Museum of Electronics in Schaumburg, IL.

Motorola wanted to upgrade its chilled water system at the facilities to increase efficiency and provide additional chiller capacity.

TMI replaced the four existing chillers — two at the Galvin Center and two at the Museum — with three new cross-connected chillers of 150-, 250-, and 450-tons capacity. As a result, chiller capacity increased from 630 to 850 tons.

“The redesign that TMI submitted to Motorola offered a more efficient and flexible chilled water system,” said Wayne Krys, project engineer at TMI.

“Previously, each building had its own chiller and cooling unit. The new system connects three chillers of different capacities to both buildings. Now, the three chillers can be matched in varying configurations to handle the constantly changing cooling loads of the buildings.”

During the project, which began in April 1999 and was completed in November, TMI cooled the Galvin Center with a rental chiller, pump, and temporary piping.