Company: Building36

Product: Preseason HVAC Test

Description: The Preseason HVAC Test from Building36 helps demonstrate the value of a contractor’s maintenance plans to bring in valuable service leads when business is slow. Run during shoulder seasons, the Preseason HVAC Test uncovers HVAC systems that need service before the first hot and cold days of the year. Customers are invited to take the heating test via the mobile app when indoor and outdoor temperatures are optimal to see whether or not their systems are running properly. Patented technology does the rest by automatically adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees, detecting abnormalities, and returning the thermostat to its original settings. If an HVAC system fails the test, the customer sees the contractor’s phone number in the test results, and the contractor gets an alert for proactive outreach.

Contact: (781)-474-0500;; eProduct 183

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