Company: Emerson

Product: TopWorxTM DX PST with HART 7

Description: Emerson introduced the TopWorxTM DX PST with HART 7. Units provide valuable valve data and diagnostic information, enabling the digital transformation of process applications. The new DX PST integrates seamlessly with existing valves and control systems, giving operators access to critical valve data, trends, and diagnostics that can be used to predict and schedule maintenance. The DX PST’s partial stroke test ensures the system’s reliable function without shutting down the process. To prevent critical failure in upset conditions, the unit will override testing to perform an emergency shutdown (ESD). Certified for operation in harsh and hazardous applications, the adaptive DX PST is designed to ensure the integrity of valves, improving overall safety and facility uptime in oil and gas, refinery, chemical, industrial energy and mining applications.

Contact: (314) 553-2000;; eProduct 181

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