Company: Emerson

Product: AVENTICS Series 625 Proportional Pressure Control Valve

Description: The new AVENTICSTM Series 625 Sentronic Proportional Pressure Control Valves has a control deviation of less than 0.5%. The new valves are designed to deliver highly accurate, electronic proportional pressure control and provide the flexibility needed to support sophisticated pneumatic control engineering applications. Data acquisition software (DaS) software included with Series 625 Sentronic valves also make it possible to quickly startup, monitor and control valves directly on a PC. Four valve sizes from 1 to 20 millimeters support a comprehensive range of flow rates, from 55 liters per minute to 4,700 l/min. Pressure capabilities range from vacuum levels up to 50 bar, which can reduce the overall number of valves required for a machine design. Housing material is available in brass, aluminum or stainless steel and sealing material in nitrile (NBR) or fluoroelastomer (FKM) options. There are also three sets of connectors: M12 5-pin, M12 8-pin, and M16 7-pin.

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