Company: RectorSeal

Product: Welding Cement

Description: RectorSeal announced the release of enhanced solvent cements and primers in a wide variety of sizes and formulas for welding PVC, CPVC, and ABS pipe installations while offering customer-requested convenience features and enhanced performance benefits. RectorSeal primers properly etch the pipe surfaces to ensure a consistent weld every time.  Several RectorSeal primers are now ATSM F656, LEED, and NSF 61 Certified, including Jim PR-1L, Clear PR-2L, and Bill PR-3.  Jim PR-1L is a fast-acting, high-etch, purple primer for PVC and CPVC pipe, tubing, and socket-type fittings. Low-VOC, LEED Compliant, and NSF approved for potable water systems, and it offers a shelf life of up to three years. Its purple color ensures an easy visual check to ensure complete coverage. Clear PR-2L offers similar features as Jim PR-1L but is transparent. Bill PR-3 is also a clear primer that etches and penetrates surfaces, increases the bonding strength on PVC and CPVC systems, and helps to make a clean, professional-looking joint. Manufactured from high-quality 100% virgin materials, it has a shelf life of up to two years.

Contact: 713-263-8001,, eProduct 181

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