Businesses, agencies, and organizations of every level are asking for help in addressing the current crisis. HVAC businesses are uniquely equipped to offer their expertise by performing audits, assisting in the improvement and installation of upgrades to existing HVAC systems in commercial and residential buildings, and offering advice and services in their cleaning and repair.

Most businesses have a website where potential clients can get in touch to find out more about what their businesses offer. Whether a company is an HVAC engineering site, a general contractor, or other professionals in the field, by providing an email link to the public on their website, customers can safely request more information related to their specific HVAC needs. During the COVID-19 health crisis, the demands across almost every sector of our society is far greater than ever. 

By using a simple email follow-up extension, the system can generate detailed lead information that can help assist engineers, contractors, and others with their assessment for the potential and even existing clients’ needs. Such a tool can potentially provide other information such as the contact’s name, physical address, size of, and type of HVAC system that is currently being used at the client’s site. 

Because resources are stretched thin, and everyone is focused on doing their part during the pandemic, this type of tool can assist those within the HVAC field to follow up with personalized communications with their clients at regular intervals. It can gather other information such as the contact’s name, physical address, size of, and type of HVAC system that is currently installed.

HVAC Businesses Have a Distinct Role to Play

HVAC businesses are needed to help reduce the continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, HVAC equipment manufacturers, construction companies, contractors, technicians, engineers, plumbers, and sheet metal workers have stepped forward and offered their professional experience and help during the public health crisis.

Last month, several HVAC professional organizations penned a letter to all federal, state, and local officials in the United States, outlining why their industry should be considered essential businesses crucial to safeguarding the public health.

“Aside from providing comfort, this equipment is vital for health and safety in addition to productivity, particularly for water heating, air filtration, and food and medical supply preservation, especially in this time of quarantine. When equipment fails, technicians must be able to repair or replace it as quickly as possible.”

The groups asked to be exempt from travel restrictions and to be allowed to continue to operate so they could continue to maintain, repair, and upgrade commercial HVAC equipment whenever necessary to keep these systems operational during the pandemic.

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