SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Housecall Pro announced the launch of My Money. Housecall Pro also partnered with Fundbox to improve the flexibility and power of the My Money suite.

“Our goal is to ease every aspect of running a business for home service professionals, and handling finances is a big pain point,” said Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro. “Home service professionals haven’t been able to find the money management functionality they want in one place, and existing one-off options are difficult to use. To solve this, we are working with industry leaders to build a comprehensive, intuitive suite for them, eliminating the need to turn to individual providers.” 

The My Money suite gives pros all the tools they need to run their business and manage cash flow in a single app. My Money features include:

  • Credit Card Payments: Housecall Pro customers can accept credit card payments for a flat-low rate of 2.69 percent on every transaction regardless of credit card issuer (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover).
  • Instapay: This feature lets pros instantly deposit credit card payments into their bank accounts.
  • Card on File: Customers can securely store their credit card information with pros to make paying for repeat jobs fast and easy. 
  • Money When You Need It:  Whether it’s buying a new tool, repairing a truck, paying a new employee, investing in marketing to find new customers or just making payroll, Housecall Pro’s partnership with Fundbox makes it possible for approved pros to get access to short-term credit when they need it.
  • Company Cards: Manage expenses with prepaid cards that give techs the ability to make purchases within set limits for spending amounts and purchase types.
  • Increased Reporting and Visibility: Through integration with Quickbooks Online, home service professionals can track spending and cashflow, which they can see at any time through the Housecall Pro app.

“We’re thrilled to work with Housecall Pro to power the advanced payment features in its My Money suite,” said Shreyas Doshi, product manager at Stripe. “For service professionals, especially those in small businesses, getting paid quickly and easily is a big help. Now, whether they’re swiping a physical card on Stripe Terminal for the first time, or they’re charging a repeat customer whose payment information is securely stored with Stripe, it’ll be easier and faster than ever for any home service professionals using Housecall Pro to get paid.” 

“Small businesses drive the economy, but they don’t always have the capital at their disposal to grow,” said Greg Powell, head of product and brand marketing for Fundbox. “Through our partnership with Housecall Pro, we can help home service professionals get access to the business credit they need so they can capture important business opportunities when they happen.”

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