Company: FabricAir®

Product: VarioDuct™

Description: This ceiling-hung product delivers heating and cooling uniformity from the same duct run. It is made possible by a full-length internal membrane positioned via a mechanized damper to disperse either warm air through its bottom hemisphere or cool air through its top hemisphere. When the membrane is positioned to block the duct’s top hemisphere vents during heating mode, the precisely engineered OriFlow™ orifices, NozzFlow™ nozzles, or JetFlow™ jets on the product’s bottom hemisphere disperse warm air down to the occupied level, regardless of ceiling height. The opposite occurs for cooling mode, as the membrane is positioned to block the bottom hemisphere’s vents to disperse cold air through the top hemisphere’s SonicFlow™ or MicroFlow™ vents, promoting a natural descent to the occupied zone. A minimum static pressure of 0.2 iwg (50 pa.) is required to hold the membrane in place during heating mode. The mechanized damper/hoop that positions the membrane is part of a flanged, 14-inch-long (355-mm) galvanized steel inlet collar assembly. The hoop can be switched between heating and cooling modes via a manually operated hand crank, or automatically via a motorized actuator activated by a thermostat or building automation system (BAS).

Contact: 502-493-2210,, eProduct 191

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