Company: GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

Product: GrayWolfLive™ 3.0 Cloud Platform

Description: This enhanced version of the cloud-based web application allows users to access real-time and logged data from any of the company’s Wi-Fi enabled AdvancedSense® meters, WolfPack® monitors, or WolfSense® LAP tablet-based kits. In addition, the DirectSense® II probes will soon offer an optional, installed Wi-Fi card, allowing for direct communication to most internet-connected devices via GrayWolfLive 3.0. Contractors can monitor differential pressure over time and send alarm alerts when negative pressure conditions occur, or when set points on instruments for air velocity, relative humidity, dew point, CO2, particulate, temperature, or other parameters are exceeded. Users can view measurement data on smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, PCs, and just about any internet connected device. The company employs Microsoft Azure servers for secure, reliable access to real-time and data-logged information. Data may be displayed in various formats, including live readings, gauges, single- or multi-Y graphs, and tabular data over defined periods.

Contact: 800-218-7997,, eProduct 183

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