ATLANTA — There is one trend CPS Products has noticed impacting the HVACR tools market above all others, and that is the progression of traditional tools becoming smart tools.

“These tools are able to perform more than one task and add value to contractors,” said John Jeffers, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas, CPS Products Inc. “They automate common service routines, complete data logging and job logging — all the details of the job and measurements are all in one place. That data then goes to the cloud and can be emailed to the customer or back to the office. It’s all about the connectivity of all these devices. Instead of each one operating independently, they all connect together to create a full measurement system.”

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Keeping that trend in mind, CPS displayed several new smart tools at its booth during the 2019 AHR Expo.



CPS showcased its CC220EW Enhanced Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale, which operates in standard, programmable, and automatic mode to suit job site needs. The product weighs refrigerant tanks up to 220 pounds and is accurate to 0.015 percent of reading at any weight, making it ideal for critical charging of small or large systems. The CC220EW can be paired to a mobile device while running the CPS Link app to conveniently store, view, or email job site data. The CPS Link app also features access to TankTracker, which tracks where and when refrigerants were used in the field and how much.

“This automates the charging process,” Jeffers explained. “So now, the tech can program in the amount he wants to charge a system, and he can walk away and do other tasks.”

Also displayed at the show was the Pro Set VP15W Series Wireless Vacuum Pump. The VP15W features an integral solenoid and ignition-proof starting components. A crushed water bottle in a glass case sat next to the machine, proving the product’s effectiveness for passers-by.

“This is a traditional vacuum pump in the sense that everybody uses these to evacuate the system before charging,” Jeffers said. “What it does is remove all the contaminants out of the system, ensuring it is dry and clean so that when they put they charge in, it will not cause any undue issues. What’s great about this design is we’ve gone to a DC variable-speed motor. It allows us to reduce the weight significantly, and it allows us to vary the actual speed of the device during the evacuation process to maximize the depth of the actual vacuum as well as how fast you can evacuate a system. This is a great product – it’s going to be an industry changer.”

The VP15W features conventional or wireless operation with automatic evacuation when paired to a mobile device with CPS Link and used with a CPS VG200W Wireless Vacuum Gauge. A solenoid valve control inlet port prevents oil siphoning and allows for automatic vacuum, while the gas ballast valve reduces moisture level in oil and extends oil life.

CPS also highlighted its Pro Set TR650W Series refrigerant recovery machine.

“It’s extremely fast and also Bluetooth enabled, so it can connect to the CPS Link app to automate some of the process,” Jeffers noted. “It has a low-pressure switch that will turn the unit off once it has completed the job. It also has a high-pressure safety switch.”

Jeffers also pointed out the company’s new Home Balancing Valves, which feature easy installation for contractors.

“Contractors would use an air velocity meter to determine the amount of cfm needed in a room,” he explained. “Then they would set one of these devices to the appropriate cfm, and it installs right underneath the register. These slide in and fit right there, giving the homeowner the exact amount of airflow the room needs. A contractor can do an entire home in under an hour, which is unheard of.”

The Home Balancing Valves come in packs of 10 in 4-, 5-, and 6-inches and feature a raised rubber gasket for fast, easy insertion into residential ductwork. Each valve has 20 to 24 set points that can be viewed and adjusted on-site to meet the airflow requirements for individual rooms in a home. Long term, an engineered damper in each valve automatically adjusts to varying air pressures to maintain constant, accurate airflow volumes.



CPS also prominently displayed its new IAQ PRO SmartAir™, which was the 2019 Innovation Award winner in the IAQ category.

In five minutes, the IAQ PRO’s sensors will accurately measure air for particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2, temperature, relative humidity, and static pressure.

“With the IAQ PRO, every time a contractor goes into a home, he would set this on the counter and let it run,” said Scott Madden, vice president, smart tools, development, CPS Products. “When he’s done with the repair or tuneup, he will get a report that will say, ‘You have these issues.’”

After walking the contractor through suggestions on diagnosing the problem, the IAQ PRO offers solutions.

“For example, it might say, ‘You had organic growth on the coils, do you want to offer a UV Light?’ And the contractor can program it with their own price point there,” Madden said. “Or it might suggest offering duct cleaning or a garage ventilator. It also generates a PDF report the contractor can show the customer.

“This is the first product out there that does all three steps: It identifies the issues, investigates the causes, then recommends solutions,” he added.

Publication date: 2/18/2019

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