ATLANTA — Berner Intl. LLC, a manufacturer of air curtains, announced manufacturer representatives SRS Enterprises, Middletown, New Jersey, and S&J Equipment Co., Westfield, Indiana, received the company's "Rep of the Year–2018" awards in the buy/resell and commission reps categories, respectively.

Berner Intl. also honored four other manufacturer's representative firms for outstanding 2018 sales achievements:

•           Silver Award Buy/Resell Rep — Buck Nye, principal, H.C. Nye Co. Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;

•           Silver Award Commission Reps –– Rob Williamson, principal, R. Williamson & Associates LLC, Skokie, Illinois;

•           Bronze Award Buy/Resell –– Bill Myles, principal, Square M Systems, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada;

•           Bronze Award Commission Reps –– Van Sintchak, principal, and Ken Sintchak, principal, Nor-Cal Reps Inc., Walnut Creek, California.

S&J, which covers central Indiana and eastern Illinois territories, will celebrate 50 years in its partnership with Berner this year, according to Steve Smith, principal.

The company has been involved with several projects. One of the largest was the warehouse of a large used car dealer where S&J sold dozens of Berner IDC-12 air curtains for the company’s car storage building. Another example was an industrial application that included direct-fired gas heated air curtains for a local auto manufacturing plant’s automobile access doorways. 

“S & J always ranks among our top five reps, and last year they had a phenomenal 50 percent increase over 2017,” said Michael Coscarelli, national sales manager, Berner. “They are our only HVAC rep that sells air curtains exclusively, therefore engineers in their territory think of S&J, Berner, and air curtains synonymously. They also have tremendous relationships with packaged HVAC system manufacturer reps that provide total HVAC solutions to industrial and commercial buildings.”  

SRS Enterprises, which has won the top award five years in a row, designed a heated air curtain solution for the John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York, that eliminated plumbing pipe freezing and promoted warmer indoor air comfort for a major entryway. The air curtains saved the city hundreds of thousands of dollars versus potential entry construction renovation costs to remedy the problem, according to Charles Cino, sales rep, SRS Enterprises. The rep’s design team also innovated an unconventional but effective vertical installation of the four air curtains to solve over door access challenges.

In another project, work at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital received several air curtains with hot water coils on loading dock doors to minimize winter air infiltration and improve energy efficiency.  

“SRS’ success is intentional with strong leadership and a fantastic troup of employees dedicated to serving the New York market with HVAC solutions,” said Stephen Benes, a Berner sales manager. “The applications they specify and supply Berner air curtains for are very diversified and range anywhere from small pizza shops to international airports in size.”

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Publication date: 02/08/19