Company: RectorSeal® LLC

Product:  AC leak Freeze® Nano PRO

Description: This product line now includes three new refrigeration leak sealants: AC Leak Freeze nano UV, AC Leak Freeze nano Mini-Split UV, and AC Leak Freeze nano Mini-Split. Using a patent-pending, quick-installing applicator, all three contain the same AC Leak Freeze formula and its nano particle sealing technology for nano-sized leaks, such as those caused by formicary corrosion. Both ultraviolet (UV) products add a leak detection feature using the HVAC fluorescing UV dye. The oil-based green dye, which is designed and safe for HVACR system components and orifices, expedites leak troubleshooting by identifying exit holes. The hose and reservoir are factory sealed to prevent injecting air or atmospheric moisture into the system. The hose is transparent and flexible with a 45-degree connection fitting. The sealant has a 320°F (160°C) flashpoint and doesn’t use toxic ingredients.  It also doesn’t react to moisture or oxygen, require a chemical reaction to seal, or create polymers that can prematurely bond and damage system orifices and components.

Contact: 800-231-3345;; eProduct 181

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