Gone are the days of one-way communication from the contractor to the prospective customer. In today’s digitally native society, social media provides an impactful and engaging platform that enables businesses to interact directly with customers. Through social media engagement HVAC contractors can increase new client referrals, customer loyalty, website traffic, and more.

As a contractor, your reputation is an invaluable asset. What homeowners say about your HVAC business matters, and that’s especially true when it comes to what customers are saying on social media. Here are four reasons why you should develop a social media presence to support customer service.


Almost anyone can create a social media account on one of the many platforms. The most value comes when you customize your content for to fit the platform and by doing do, better serve your consumer base. At American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, our Facebook business page was created as a digital community for current and potential customers. Facebook has the power to reach a wider demographic of homeowners interested in HVAC. Instagram and YouTube pages tell your business story visually when posting photo and video content that’s easily digestible. Customize your social channels to provide the best resources, tools, links, and content to your followers, and prove yourself as the industry authority for your area.


Once your social media channels are established, it’s important to respond rapidly and relevantly. A study by the Northridge Group found that 42 percent of people expect a company to respond to social media requests on the same day. Nowadays, social media is preferred for product questions and complaints over calling a customer service rep. Facebook has a messenger feature, which allows you to communicate directly with potential customers who want to speak with you. Also respond to any negative reviews on Google because oftentimes there is a misunderstanding or an unhappy customer who needs recognition.


Using a third–party to create content for your social media platforms is a good investment if you’re not social media savvy. I have seen contractors find success on social media when they post generic, educational and personal testaments using homeowners’ photos (with their permission, of course.) Mixing up the content with photos, HVAC guides, contests, relevant news in the industry and internal links to your site can help you test which types of content have the highest level of engagement and conversions.


Sharing DIY tips and tricks with your followers is a great way to engage them with new and easy- to-follow information while positioning your brand as an expert in the space. When there is something a homeowner can’t do, like an annual maintenance check, they’ll call you because you’re the expert who has been educating them along the way through social media.

By making the most of your social media channels, and employing these social media insights, you can expand your business’ digital presence and help your brand build and maintain customer satisfaction.

Publication date: 11/19/2018