Company: E + E Elektronik GES.M.B.H

Product: EE650

Description: Now available with RS485 interface and Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol, this product is for building automation and process control. The device allows for control of the air velocity in ventilation ducts and air conditioning systems. Available for duct mount as well as with remote sensing probe, it measures air velocity up to 20 meters per second. The new protocols facilitate integration into a bus system. The EE650 with analogue output provides the measured data either as current or voltage signal. The measuring range, the output signal, and the response time are user selectable. The airflow sensing element in the device operates on the hot-film anemometer principle. Transfer molding technology gives the thin-film sensor a high mechanical stability. The functional IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure and the mounting flange included in the scope of supply facilitate the installation of the transmitter.

Contact: 847-490-0520;; eProduct 185