Name: Clay Kennard

Title: Senior Service Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: When Clay Kennard launched his career in the trades, he didn’t start as a technician. Kennard went to school for accounting, and he worked as an accountant at a mechanical contractor, back in ’79. Then he realized that life behind the desk just wasn’t for him — so he decided to switch over and become a service tech.

“I just worked better with my hands,” he said. “It’s all been learn as I go.”

Kennard currently works at Moon Air Inc. in Elkton, Maryland. He’s worked there for the past two years, doing residential and light commercial HVAC service work and installs as well as a bit of plumbing.

“Clay has a complete understanding of all things HVAC,” said Steve Moon, owner of Moon Air. “He also has the ability to ‘repair’ the client as well. He listens and hears the client and starts with their emotional needs.”

Then, he uses his skills as a technician to solve the HVAC issue while making sure to keep the client satisfied.

Take one sweltering day last summer: The team was running at full capacity, and everyone was tired and burned out. It was after hours, and the on-call tech was fully booked. Then around 6 p.m., an important client called in.

“He is a funeral director with a large hall with five systems in the attic,” Moon explained. “We are talking about a 120°F attic here.”

Kennard was done for the day and had already gone home. But when he started hearing chatter about the situation from his co-workers, he took it upon himself to act.

“As a great teammate, he covered this call,” said Moon.

Not only did Kennard service the one unit that was down, but he stayed for hours in that heat to service the other four units, so the client would have no further issues at the funeral service, which was scheduled for the next morning at 10 a.m.

“By doing this, he assisted his teammate, who was ill, and kept the whole company on track for the next day,” Moon said. “He showed our client that our company truly cares. He is a very important member of our team.”

That’s Kennard’s favorite part of the job.

“I like going to a customer’s house, having something not working, then leaving and having something working,” he said. “I plan to work here till I hang up my tools and retire … then maybe do a little teaching. I’ve been doing all the training for the new guys who come on board; one young guy, he’s 18, I’ve been teaching him the tricks of the trade.”

Moon would agree he’s the man for the job.

“Clay is just a great all-around team player,” he said. “He loves to share his vast knowledge with others, never making them feel stupid. He is an awesome mentor … he cares.”


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Publication date: 9/10/2018

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