Coming from a family that boasts three generations of Eagle Scouts and a history in wholesale HVAC, Philip Guy Jr. was destined to become a distribution leader.

While still in high school, Guy spent two summers working in Yandle Witherspoon’s Charlotte, North Carolina, branch. After gaining his diploma, he enrolled at North Carolina State University.

When seeking an internship, he was welcomed back to Yandle Witherspoon’s Raleigh, North Carolina, branch. Following college, he remained with the Raleigh branch, where he started as a territory sales manager in 2007.

“This additional experience helped deepen my understanding of how to communicate effectively,” Guy said. “At this time, I truly learned why good communication skills are vital in any successful business.”

In 2014, he returned to Charlotte to continue the same job in a bigger territory.

“Experience is the greatest teacher of life,” Guy said. “I've learned to better myself through all my experiences and raise my awareness of all aspects that are a part of this job and a part of life.”

When it comes to advice for those just entering the industry, Guy, who is now 34, offered three tips: communication is everything, be humble, and don’t let your ego rule your life.

“I think the new kids and my own generation are very similar,” he said. “We both are tasked with building relationships with much older generations. Understanding how different generations perceive and operate are big keys in having meaningful success in any industry.”

When not working, Guy can most likely be found outdoors, as he enjoys spending time with his family in North Carolina’s mountains, skiing, hiking, and weight lifting.

Above all, Guy cherishes his ability to help others through his career.

“Helping others drives me more than any materialistic thing ever could,” he said. “If you value helping others, any work that you do is purposeful in the growth of yourself.”

Publication date: 08/22/18


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