STAMFORD, Conn. — Plasma Air Intl. announced the appointment of Staice June as director of business development, gaming and hospitality. In her new role, June is responsible for developing Plasma Air’s business and driving the growth of all product lines within the North American gaming and hospitality markets. The top priority among her duties will be to develop winning sales and marketing strategies to attain growth objectives. She will also ensure customer satisfaction and drive growth within existing accounts.

A sales and marketing leader for over 20 years, June’s professional experience spans previous roles as vice president of sales, vice president of strategic sales, sales executive director, sales consultant, and marketing manager for several multi-million-dollar international brands, as well as gaming and hospitality organizations, including Company Kitchen, GCA Inc., Palace Hotel and Casino, and Grand Casinos. Her proven track record of success includes the introduction and development of new sales channels and territories, as well as helping gaming and hospitality organizations experience product success.

“We are excited to have Ms. June on board to help guide gaming and hospitality organizations as they embrace Plasma Air’s advanced air purification technology,” remarks Larry Sunshine, president of Plasma Air Intl.  “I am confident that her proven sales expertise, combined with a strong customer focus and extensive professional network within these sectors will be great assets to Plasma Air as we continue to expand our gaming and hospitality division.”

Plasma Air’s air purification products use breakthrough bipolar ionization technology to help casinos eliminate airborne pollutants, including smoke particles and odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving overall indoor air quality (IAQ) throughout the facility to create a healthier and more enjoyable environment for both customers and personnel.

“I am honored to join Plasma Air and build on the existing strengths of our sales team as we embark on our next stage of growth,” said June. “In addition to expanding Plasma Air’s business, I look forward to implementing its innovative ionization technology within various gaming and hospitality institutions to help improve the health and well-being of their patrons and employees alike.”

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Publication date: 4/17/2017