COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) Foundation recently announced the publication of its new book, Myths & Misperceptions: How Markets Are Really Made in HVACR, which documents the results of its 2013 research study on demand creation. 

“The research presented in the HARDI Foundation’s landmark study on demand creation is surprising and has profound implications for both distributors and manufacturers,” said HARDI Foundation Chairman Richard Cook.

“This book challenges businesses to rethink how they approach the market,” said Mike Marks, co-author. Marks is also managing partner of the Indian River Consulting Group, which conducted the research.

HARDI members were privy to the study’s initial findings at HARDI’s 2013 Annual Conference and additional insights at the 2014 Annual Conference. Myths & Misperceptions comprises that information along with additional data and practical recommendations that manufacturers and distributors can immediately put to use.

“By aligning their resources with real opportunities for growth, businesses may reap significant long-term, sustainable rewards,” said Marks. “The HVACR industry has a solid future. Our hope is that this book will support efforts to continue making the channel stronger.”

“I would strongly encourage parties in the supply chain to read and discuss with their sales and operations personnel how to allocate resources to avoid a critical sales event,” said Cook.

More details and order information can be found at When ordering from, HARDI members should use the promotional code AMLNKLEU for a 50 percent discount.