10-products_bodyimage_9.jpgThe WAL-M-3X48LED-120 144-W LED flood light provides operators with a powerful yet compact and easy to mount work lamp capable of effectively illuminating work areas 675 feet long by 450 feet wide. It features a triple LED lamp design coupled with a powerful magnetic mounting assembly that allows operators to quickly and easy illuminate large areas simply by attaching the unit to any metallic surface capable of accepting a magnet. Each LED light on this unit is IP67 rated waterproof and features a heavy-duty aluminum housing with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, giving these lamps the durability needed to stand up to abusive work conditions. The LEDs in these lamps utilize Edison Edixeon® emitters from Cree and have an operational life rated at 50,000 plus hours. Each lamp attaches to the main aluminum mounting bracket with an adjustable hinge that allows operators to adjust each lamp independently of the other for optimum coverage of the work area. Power for the lights is provided by an integral waterproof transformer which allows operators to run this work light from any 120-277 vac power source, including standard wall outlets. Twenty-five feet of oil- and abrasion-resistant cord fitted with a heavy-duty straight blade lug is also included to provide ample length for connection to outlets without the need for an extension cord.

Larson Electronics

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