The exact-fit replacement design of the Luxaire Eclipse rooftopThe exact-fit replacement design of the Luxaire® Eclipse™ rooftop units typically matches the footprints of other manufacturers’ units without the need of a curb adapter. Contractors can remove the existing rooftop unit and set the new Luxaire unit within 15 minutes, and the electrical and gas lines match up as well. Features include a microprocessor control technology with an LCD display, USB interface, and digital diagnostic readouts. In addition to information on unit status, startup, and commissioning, the control delivers data relating to setup, supply, return, and outdoor air temperatures and plug-and-play accessories. Available in 13 SEER, 10.8-11.2 EER, or 15 SEER, 11.5-12.2 EER, the packaged units also feature top panels that help provide a durable, rigid cabinet for longevity and noise reduction. It also has a powder paint exterior finish with a 1,000-hour salt spray rating.


Luxaire — A Brand of Johnson Controls | eProduct 182