Company: AccuTools, a division of Core Enterprises Inc.

Product: TruBlu Evacuation Kit

Description: The TruBlu hose has a ¾-inch internal diameter, delivering 16 cfm of conductance speed at 1,000 microns. The TruBlu hose is extremely tough, ultra-smooth bored, and yet the flexible-wire reinforced PVC means it just won’t kink or collapse. TruBlu is resistant to abrasion and crushing and can be knocked back to round if accidently flattened. Additionally, the UV compounding has excellent weather resistance to provide years of reliable service. The proprietary polymer blend has extremely low air permeation, water vapor adhesion, and outgassing, making this hose ideal for vacuum service. A fast evacuation is a function of the components used in the process. TruBlu is engineered for HVAC and uses an industrial-rated vacuum hose as well as vacuum-rated KF fittings for quick hose configuration and vacuum-tight connections. With its patent pending KF fitting designed specifically for HVAC applications, a TruBlu hose can be configured in the field for pump and service valve connections from ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, to even ½-inch fittings (even those with 90-degree adapters). Each fitting and valve has been carefully engineered from the core tools to the core depressors to assure vacuum-tight connections ideal for HVAC applications.

Contact: 954-227-0781;; eProduct 183

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