CHICAGO — LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Component Solutions division recently introduced three new compressors at the 2018 AHR Expo.

“We are not new at the compressor business,” said Michael Robertson, senior account manager for LG Component Solutions. “We have been making them since 1973. Of course, we were making compressors for the products we sold. We started selling compressors for air conditioners in the U.S. in 2006. Last year, we sold 1.3 million compressors in the U.S. to OEMs. We hope to leverage that success.”

New for 2018 are LG’s scroll compressor for commercial refrigeration along with a two-stage compressor and rotary compressor for residential HVAC systems.

“Through a combination of rigorous research and extensive testing, LG has built compressors to exceed the most stringent testing standards for decades, creating unmatched value for contractors and business owners,” said DJ Kang, senior vice president, LG Component Solutions. “By listening to industry experts, our engineers have developed innovative design enhancements to improve performance, efficiency, and reliability in a wide range of applications.”

The LG scroll compressor for commercial refrigeration is a leap forward in reliability paired with smooth, energy-efficient operation. LG achieved this by developing a highly calibrated vacuum prevention device and a stronger, more responsive reed discharge check valve engineered for the harsh operating conditions inside refrigeration applications. Compatible with multiple refrigerants — including R-404A, R-507, R-407A, R-407C, R-448A, and R-449A — the refrigeration scroll can be specified for medium-temperature and extended medium-temperature systems.

“LG developed this next generation refrigeration scroll compressor for applications that require a solid and reliable refrigeration system,” said Minhee Jang, director of engineering and quality, LG Component Solutions. “This is a tightly calibrated, cost-effective compressor complete with new innovations that improve the performance of the refrigeration system, prevent damaging conditions, and create value for contractors and business owners.”

LG will produce its first two-stage modulating scroll compressor for unitary residential HVAC applications. It was developed with insights learned from decades of manufacturing modulating and variable-speed compressors and tested to meet single-speed scroll compressors’ standards. LG’s two-stage compressor lowers energy consumption in a/c systems by operating at 66 percent capacity when demand is low and running at full capacity on warmer days. The two-stage compressor design features an accessible weather-resistant solenoid that makes service easy and an AC connector that simplifies electrical troubleshooting.

The LG rotary compressor is custom designed for split- and packaged-system unitary residential applications, achieving ever-increasing efficiency goals in homes, apartments, and other multifamily units. It offers increased durability and longevity with a patented restarting solenoid valve that mechanically equalizes pressure, allowing it to start without harsh electrical start devices. The compressor’s patented discharge check valve increases efficiency by managing refrigerant in the high side of the system during off cycles. Targeted at the 14-SEER level, it has been field and lab tested to produce the same efficiency and reliability as modern scroll compressors.

“Rather than adapting an existing compressor design, our research and development team took a fresh look at how to apply a rotary solution in a standard unitary application without using additional electrical components,” said Kwangho Kim, president of the LG Solutions division. “We’ve stress-tested the compressor extensively under harsh conditions to ensure leading efficiency and performance that distributors and contractors can recommend with confidence.”

Publication date: 2/26/2018