CHICAGO — RectorSeal has been exhibiting at the AHR Expo for the past 40 years. And while the opportunity to maintain relevance in the industry and engage with clients one-on-one is usually enough to bring the tools and accessories manufacturer to the show floor, this year, the company came with a mission. On Monday, Jan. 22, as industry professionals from all over the world piled into the halls of McCormick Place in Chicago, RectorSeal unveiled a new product it believes will be a game changer in the industry.


The ArmorPad™ is a lightweight, strong, and durable equipment mounting pad product line for residential and light commercial air conditioning condensers.

The ArmorPad is constructed of a dense foam core base enveloped in a shell of durable polymer on five sides that simulates the texture and color of gray concrete. The entire product line of 24-, 30-, 32-, 36-, and 40-inch-square by 3-inch-high models saves on job site costs because transporting and installing it only requires one person — a 36-by-3-inch ArmorPad weighs 8 pounds.

In durability tests, the ArmorPad proves the weight of a truck driving over it can’t crush it, drilling into it can’t crumble or crack the polymer shell, landscaping implements can’t spall the surface, and the weight of even the largest of residential condensers can’t indent or depress it.

Its polymer shell is not sprayed on but rather molded into a one-piece, strong and durable extrusion that’s compliant with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-2299 standard “Recommended Practice for Determining Relative Stain Resistance of Plastics.”

The foam core bottom also features a unique foil-backing that resists moisture and an embedded chemical repellent that deters burrowing animals and insects.


According to Sean Holloway, national sales manager — HVACR, RectorSeal, the main benefit of exhibiting at the show is the exposure of new products to individuals working in all facets of the industry — engineers, contractors, building owners, distributors, reps, etc.

“We are on the cutting edge of low tech,” he said. “These are not always exciting applications for which we make accessory products, but they are important to help the tradesmen do a superb job of service, maintenance, and new installation.”

RectorSeal showcased several other products in addition to the ArmorPad.

The PRO-Fit™ Precision Swage Kit is a collection of six drill bit swage tool sizes designed for quick, reliable, and inexpensive swaging of copper and aluminum tubing used in split-system air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing work. The five-second process eliminates copper coupling expense, cuts brazing by half, and produces a consistent swage. It helps prevent potential sidewall splits, over-swaging, and leaks, which can raise installation costs and damage the environment.

The Safe-T-Switch® SS1 Clear is a transparent cleanout T-body for RectorSeal’s top-selling SS1 adjustable condensate overflow shutoff switch. Its transparency allows for detecting growing drain line substance formation before it results in air conditioner alarms, shutdowns, or water damage. It also prevents flooding by detecting downstream condensate line clogs and interrupting the thermostat circuit to shut down the unit. Constructed of sturdy Schedule-40 PVC, the SS1 Clear allows full views of the T-body’s float assembly operation and its industry-unique, adjustable water-level sensitivity. The design includes waterproof, sealed reed/magnet float switch technology with potted 24V electrical contacts for reliable performance in wet environments.

Additionally, the company displayed its Acid-Away PRO, a new injector for Acid-Away, and AC Leak Freeze nano PRO for nano-sized leaks. The 6-inch-long Acid-Away PRO injector consists of a 1.5-ounce copper reservoir, a high side ¼-inch standard brass connection fitting, and a low side ¼-inch low-loss Schrader valve brass connection fitting. The recyclable injector simplifies and expedites usage versus the original Acid-Away bottle/funnel method, and it has been reformulated for all refrigeration oils.

The AC Leak Freeze nano PRO uses the same formula and applicator as the original AC Leak Freeze PRO but includes nano particles. These randomly-shaped particles are designed to stop refrigerant leaks from jagged, irregularly-shaped nano-sized holes that are up to 1,000-times smaller than micro holes and, therefore, difficult to seal.

“These products were chosen because they fill an underserved niche, which contractors need to do their jobs better,” said Holloway. “That’s why we take our business so seriously.”  

Publication date: 2/26/2018