CHICAGO — ServiceTitan software is a platform where residential HVAC, plumbing, and electrical businesses can access everything from call bookings, customer experience ratings, dispatching, marketing campaigns, and financing options for customers. The latest feature, Custom Reporting, allows business owners to build interactive reports that are based on what matters most to them.

This is a big deal for those in the industry because now a contractor has the ability to build and share reports containing actual, real-time information that is reflective of their business. They also have the ability to build custom dashboards, as well.

“We really believe data means nothing if you’re not able to actually draw actual insights from that data,” said Leslie Gildea, director of business development, ServiceTitan.


New technology and software platforms, like ServiceTitan, make tasks, such as data entry, data collection, and payroll, easier to manage. But Custom Reporting takes that simplicity a step further by allowing contractors to easily create customized data reports on various areas of their business.

ServiceTitan recognized many contractors wanted one place where they could have a cohesive way of reporting but for different areas of interest.

“If you’re used to seeing a report in a certain format, like a spreadsheet with business units, technicians’ names, and technicians’ KPIs [key performance indicators] all in different columns in a specific order, but you can’t see that same information like that and in that order on your business management software, it makes it really difficult for people to process information,” said Gildea. “So, at the baseline, we think it’s going to help people read data or digest it in a way.”

The goal of this feature is to ensure business owners and their team members make informed business decisions and stay on top of their goals.

“We know that every shop has specific reporting needs, and no two companies are the same,” said Harpreet Ahluwalia, vice president of product, ServiceTitan. “Giving our users the power to build their own custom reports unlocks the wealth of data available in ServiceTitan and turns that data into actionable information that can prove their processes and, ultimately, increase their revenue.”


No one person interprets things the same exact way — that’s why the simple customization feature of Custom Reporting allows owners to create reports the way they like it, with the information they want. No need to skip around data that doesn’t pertain, owners can develop reports that solely focus on information they think is important.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand or put things in perspective when you’re simply reading off numbers. But, it’s the reasoning behind the numbers that matters, which is why ServiceTitan incorporated “intuitive drilldowns.” Users have the ability to select and drill down into data fields to see where the data is coming from.

“Let’s say a contractor sees on his customized dashboard that his technician Billy closed out 20 jobs, but he wants to know what 20 jobs they were,” said Gildea. “So, now they are able to click on that KPI within that dashboard and pull the report that shows all of those jobs. It’s delivering that next-level capability.”

After creating custom reports, one might want to share them only with certain individuals from the different facets of the company.

Custom Reporting allows owners to share reports with other specific users in the company — sharing sales numbers with the sales team, SEO numbers with the web team, and so on — and permissions can be set within reports for access to edit or view only.

Overall, ServiceTitan wants users to be able to create and view customized reports with numbers that have an explanation, so their business can be as successful as possible.

“With just one click, users can access the source of information for the data they are viewing,” Ahluwalia said. “Suddenly, that data becomes much more than just a number. For business owners, this will help them make more data-driven business decisions and understand their progress across the entire business operation.”  

Publication date: 2/26/2018