Company: Ice Air®

Product: Fan Coil Units

Description: These fan coil units (FCUs) work independently and only use an energy-saving fan and coil to efficiently recirculate cooled indoor air. There is no duct work required, and they fit easily into smaller spaces, saving building costs and floor space. Optional wall-mounted remote controls are available that optimize user comfort and ease of operation while minimizing energy consumption. Wi-Fi controls are also available. These FCUs come in six versatile models: FCHC (horizontal concealed) is easily adaptable for concealed or above-ceiling mounting; FCHU (horizontal ultra-thin) is designed for under-ceiling mounting; FCVC (vertical concealed) can accommodate large spaces and has easy access for maintenance; FCVE (vertical exposed) is exposed against walls, beneath windows, or along the perimeter of a room; FCHR (hi rise) is designed for high-rise installations; and FCIW (in-wall) concealed wall mounting provides efficient perimeter heating.

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Publication date: 11/13/2017