Name: Troy Anderson

Title: Residential service lead trainer, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning, Rochester, New York

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Originally, Troy Anderson had dreams of becoming a physical education teacher; however, after graduating college, he could not find a job in his field. Therefore, he began to explore other work opportunities online. That is when he spotted an ad on Craigslist for a free night training class through a local heating contractor, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning in Rochester, New York. He applied for the class and was accepted. After 10 weeks of training, he was hired by the company in May 2008 where he still works today as a residential service lead trainer.

Anderson’s favorite part of the job is problem solving, and his expertise is idolized by his coworkers.

“Troy is a self-leader who truly puts others before himself which is the main reason I’d like to nominate him for technician of the month,” said Jeremy Noll, service manager, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning. “Troy is one of the most detail-oriented technicians in our company and is always more than willing to share his knowledge with others.”

Anderson is a definite people person, and his interpersonal skills, as well as his technical skills, make him exceptional.

“Troy is a customer favorite who generates raving reviews from our clients on a daily basis, and people frequently request him to be their ‘technician for life,’” said Noll.

When a customer’s husband passed away, she was very nervous about her HVAC system. Knowing Anderson’s great people skills, they dispatched him to her home.

“By the time Troy was finished with the call, the customer was already on the phone with our office letting us know how very comfortable she was with the system,” said Noll. “She couldn’t thank us enough for sending such a nice young man out to her in her time of need. This is just one example of so many that Troy has helped throughout the years.”

In addition to problem solving, Anderson enjoys training new hires because he gets to share what he has learned from his years of experience.

“I do a lot of training with new hires,” he said. “I love sharing my knowledge with them and seeing them progress in their careers. They make me feel smart when they call with a question and I have the answer before they finish their sentence. I often joke with them that I know the answer because I most likely broke that unit before or it took me four hours to figure it out the first time I saw it.”

As far as his future goes, Anderson has worked for Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning for nine years and plans on sticking around for the long haul. “I see myself continuing to train new technicians and furthering my knowledge. Every day is new, exciting, and challenging. I hope to retire from Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning.”

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Publication date: 6/26/2017

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