Company: Ice Energy

Product: Ice Cub

Description: The Ice Cub is a compact, home-optimized HVAC system comprised of an ultra-high-efficiency compressor and ice tank with heat exchanger. The compressor operates in multiple modes. It can cool the home like a conventional a/c unit or, store energy in the form of cooling by freezing water in the ice tank. When the latter process is complete, the compressor can be shut-off and, without using any electricity to create cooling, the ice battery will provide up to four hours of cooling to an entire home. Further, when heating is required, the circuit reverses, and the compressor operates as a heat pump to provide all the heating required for a home. The Ice Cub’s energy storage capabilities make it ideal for homes with solar PV equipment. With a charge time of just four hours, the Ice Cub can utilize solar over-generation to fully charge without using any energy from the grid.

Contact: 877-542-3232;;

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