Name: Gerry Wilbern

Title: Service Technician, Sky Heating & Air Conditioning, Portland, Oregon

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Gerry Wilbern, lead service technician with Sky Heating & Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon, is known not only for his technical prowess and troubleshooting abilities but also for his work ethic and willingness to help others, including his fellow technicians.

“Gerry is a technician in our service department, and every month he stands out from the rest at our company — and even among the rest of the service techs I know,” said Travis Smith, company president. “Anytime it is a difficult repair or specialty repair, Gerry takes the lead. This technician was working 70-hour weeks, seven days a week, during our hot spells, and he did it without complaining; we practically had to force him to take a day off to rest.”

Wilbern fell into the industry 24 years ago at the age of 30, and he has been with Sky for three years.

“I like working in different locations and helping people out,” Wilbern said. “And I get to move around, and I don’t have to sit at a desk.”

In addition to his duties as a technician, Wilbern also provides technician training within the company.

“He works between two of our offices and helps to train techs and bring them up through the ranks,” Smith said. “He puts others first to ensure the newer techs get the help they need.”

Wilbern will also always take on an extra call to make a customer comfortable, Smith added. “From his certifications to his expertise, he is the best. He almost never has callbacks and customers request him.”

As he gets older, Wilbern’s goal is to eventually be in a position “where I’m not doing the physical stuff,” he joked. In the meantime, he enjoys working for Sky Heating & Air Conditioning.

“It’s an honest company, and I’m not embarrassed to have their name on the side of my truck like I have been with other companies in the past,” he said.

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Publication date: 9/26/2016

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