Name: Jason Jinright

Title: Service Technician, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Jason Jinright, a service technician at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is known as a “Jack of all trades” who has a knack for fixing the problem while making customers happy. He fell into the industry in 1995, when a friend helped him get his first HVAC job.

“With an abundance of experience, he is an asset to our organization’s multiple teams — installation, service, electrical, and maintenance — and is also able to help with any necessary major repairs,” said Lauren Smith, marketing coordinator at One Hour. “His daily tasks change all the time, but he consistently receives high praise from his customers with one recently noting he ‘identified the problem right away.’”

In addition to boasting experience, Jinright is flexible and willing to do what it takes to deliver comfort to each customer, Smith said, adding he also encourages and educates his teammates on a daily basis and is overall a great problem solver.

“Jinright is also a family man who loves that he can work all day solving problems for customers and coworkers and still go home to his family every night,” Smith said.

She recalled one incident where Jinright went above and beyond. “A customer had some issues with her condo’s air conditioner, and after a couple of technicians couldn’t identify the problem, Jason arrived and quickly realized the issue wasn’t with her system at all,” Smith said. “He thought outside the box and realized the downstairs condo, which was vacant, was somehow set at over 100 degrees, causing his customer’s system to appear to be malfunctioning. The customer was so pleased with Jason that she now requests him whenever she needs a tuneup or service.”

Jinright said he enjoys not only fixing problems, but making customers happy. “There have been a few times customers have actually hugged me,” he said. “It’s great to be seen as a hero.”

Looking ahead, Jinright said his short-term goal is to win the Office Olympics” at One Hour (his team is Scotland). His long-term goal, he added, is to become a master HVAC technician.

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Publication date: 8/29/2016

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