Company Name: GAC Services

Owners: Bill Wetzel, Richard Biava, and Tony Petrolle

Annual Cost: $70,000

Biava’s take: I like our site because it’s easy to navigate, clean, and organized. It clearly defines the business we’re in, and it provides a number of ways for customers to easily learn about us and contact us.

Professional Opinion: Overall score: 97

Overall, earns a 97 out of 100.

For findability, scores a 99. Of all the sites I’ve analyzed as part of Net Results, ranks among the top three in terms of search engine visibility. For a set of more than 1,000 geographically targeted, service-specific keyword phrases, it ranks No. 1 on Google 11 percent of the time and appears on the first page more than 50 percent of the time.

I would give a 93 for accessibility and content. The mobile-friendly site includes more than 350 pages of unique content and an average of more than 750 words per page.

The site earns a 98 in identity and trust. It presents consumers with large images of their service vehicles coupled with various awards such as its recent ACCA Contractor of the Year Award. The site also utilizes multiple videos on its homepage and several subpages, featuring the owners and awards, which furthers a sense of identity and trust.

Ben Landers
President and CEO
Blue Corona

Publication date: 7/27/2015