“This solution to plugged condensate lines is certainly needed, as this issue plagues all HVAC companies.”

These are the words of one 2014 Dealer Design Awards contractor judge in the IAQ category regarding RGF Environmental Group Inc.’s Pan Saver. The product, which is designed to eliminate microbial growth in the HVAC system, received the gold award in the IAQ category.

The product doesn’t consume electricity. Instead, it utilizes a micro turbine, which is driven by the suction side of the system blower. Low voltage is then produced and sent to the anode, which disperses silver and copper ions into the condensate water. The technology is patent pending. The Pan Saver is magnetically mounted to the air conditioner blower housing, and the anode is placed in the condenser pan.

The probe is changeable, and the unit is virtually maintenance-free for two years, said the company. According to a Kansas State University Study, the Pan Saver produces a 99 percent reduction of Legionella and algae.

Three years of design research was utilized to create this product. RGF representatives explained its engineers wanted to target a simple installation and 100 percent green technology when designing the Pan Saver. Using the in-house 3-D printer, engineers designed the prototype and then put the Pan Saver in the field for testing and final design feedback from contractors.

“RGF has developed several green maintenance products, and the Pan Saver was the perfect answer to a need where the standard answer for this problem has been chemical tablets,” said Lisa Bailey, sales support and marketing manager, RGF Environmental Group Inc. “Contractors wanted something easy to install that would last as well as eliminate the microbial growth in condenser pans and drain lines.”

According to the company, the Pan Saver will continue to be marketed to industries that need this technology.

Silver Winner

Sanuvox Technologies Inc.’s Saber Genius Wireless 24V UV Coil Cleaner won silver in the IAQ category. The coil cleaner employs a 16-inch UV-C germicidal lamp to destroy and prevent mold and other microbial growth on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas. According to the company, various UV lamp installation scenarios are available with the included conventional or magnetic lamp bracket. The wireless remote display provides user information, including lamp life, when to replace the UV lamp, troubleshooting icons, and an optional feature of having the installer’s name and phone number scroll across the display. Completely wireless, the remote LCD display can mount to any wall in the home and is battery operated. The display can be mounted in attic installations or next to the thermostat, if necessary.

The Saber Genius Wireless is equipped with an Intelligent Voltage Protection feature that protects the board of the HVAC equipment in the event the voltage is too high or low.

The product functions by basking the evaporator coil and surrounding areas with germicidal UV-C light, destroying and maintaining a clean coil. According to the company, this eliminates bio-film — mold and other microbial growth — that can affect IAQ and equipment efficiency.

Bronze Winner

RGF Environmental Group Inc. double-dipped in the category, earning a bronze award for its Magnetic Mount Package Unit. The primary function of the package unit is proactive air purification. According to the company, the package unit proactively purifies the conditioned space, effectively destroying bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and on surfaces. The unit has an adjustable magnetic mount application that is patent pending. The magnetic mount package unit has been designed for use in package units, rooftops, vertical stack units, gas package products, and anywhere ductwork is inaccessible. It utilizes adjustable magnetic feet to attach without fasteners to the blower. The product is available in three sizes to accommodate up to 20-ton systems.

Two years of research supported the design of this product and RGF remained in contact with contractors throughout the country as it gathered ideas for this product and others. The company plans to continue to market the product to industry sectors that could use the technology as well as improve it through continued research.

Publication date: 7/21/2014

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