Portable HVAC units continue to evolve as consumer demand extends applications into previously unconsidered environments. Whether it’s an industrial setting, computer room, or to serve as a pinch hitter when an everyday system goes down, portable units have it covered.

Aggreko Air-Cooled/Water-Cooled Chillers

Aggreko’s air-cooled or water-cooled chiller rentals provide a wide range of effective water-cooling options. These units can be extended with rental air handlers for HVAC applications. The Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Industrial Chillers are designed and built for deployment in the harshest of industrial settings; are environmentally friendly; use non-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants; and are widely used to provide supplemental, temporary, or emergency cooling.

Both water-cooled and air-cooled chiller rentals are available in sizes from 10-1,000 ton for large-scale, multi-solution projects to smaller, single-equipment installations.

Atlas Sales & Rentals PACSlim-5

Atlas Sales & Rentals Inc. introduced a portable heat pump that combines a compact design with powerful performance and versatile heating and cooling options. The PACSlim-5 heat pump delivers 57,100 Btuh cooling capacity and 55,700 Btuh heating capacity, yet is less than 30 inches wide, allowing it to roll into narrow spaces. It may be used for outdoor spot cooling and heating, or for indoor areas such as offices and conference rooms, lobbies, stores, classrooms, health care facilities, and more.

The versatile PACSlim-5 offers year-round functionality and may be used as a portable cooling unit only, a cooler with electric resistive heat, a conventional heat pump, or heat pump with auxiliary electric heat. Units are available in either 208-230 V (single-phase or triple-phase) or 460 V triple-phase power supply, with or without 10- or 15-kW resistive heat.

AmeriCool WPC-23000

AmeriCool Inc.’s Portable Air Conditioner unit lineup now includes the WPC-23000, a 92,000 Btuh unit that is ideal for computer room cooling. The WPC-23000 features an operating range of 64?-113?F as well as the ability to replace cold air nozzles with included grill.

The WPC-23000 includes all the necessary parts to get the user started with server room cooling. The unit is stocked with a 20-foot exhaust duct flange, as well as 6-by-20-foot cool air duct assembly and a vinyl chloride evaporation filter, an aluminum condenser filter, and condensate pump. In most applications, a unit can be installed in minutes to provide instant cooling.

Comfort-Aire PSH-141A

Comfort-Aire’s PSH-141A delivers comfort when and where it’s needed. The unit includes cooling, heating, dehumidification, and air circulation modes and is built with casters to move from room to room. It’s rated at 14,000 Btuh cooling and 11,000 Btuh heating.

Ideal wherever temporary or supplemental cooling or heating is needed, or in situations where a window mount unit isn’t an option, the PSH-141A uses 115-V power and is easy to install. Sliding adapters fit a variety of window sizes and types.

The condensate management system disposes of its own condensate under most conditions, so there’s no bucket to empty. Louvers can be adjusted for airflow or automatic louver swing may be selected for a gentle, breeze-like effect.

The unit is easily controlled using the included soft-touch keypad or wireless remote. A 24-hour on-off timer can be used to minimize energy consumption. For convenience, an auto operation selects heat, cool, or fan-only based on the room’s temperature, and sleep mode can be selected to adjust the set point slightly to meet the typical body’s changing temperature.

The PSH-141A meets ASHRAE Standard 128-2001.

Movincool Quick Response Service

MovinCool® has launched a new QR Code® Service Link feature that gives owners of MovinCool air conditioners fast, smartphone access to online warranty and service support information.

By scanning the QR Code on a MovinCool unit with a smartphone, users are immediately connected to the MovinCool website, where they can register their unit for warranty coverage. Once registered, users can verify the unit’s current warranty coverage period, view dealer contact information, find out where to call for service support, get answers to frequently asked questions, and download operation manuals, service manuals, and spare parts catalogs.

Port-A-Cool Hurricane

The Port-A-Cool® Hurricane portable evaporative cooling unit lowers temperatures by as much as 30º F, provides 14,500 cfm, and can cool up to 3,500 square feet utilizing high-efficiency cooling pads and water. The Hurricane requires only 11.4 A and features a digital control panel, low-water shutoff with its 67-gallon capacity, a variable-speed motor, and a dual water fill with hose hookup. The tank can be manually filled. The Hurricane requires no chemicals or refrigerants to produce cool air output, and features a durable, one-piece, molded polyethylene housing that is rust-free and leakproof. It is available in black or in other colors through special order.

Publication date: 6/30/2014 

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