The NEWS was very busy at the AHR Expo in New York City, visiting as many booths as possible in search of new products. Below is a comprehensive list of all the HVAC commercial equipment we found on the show floor.

Aerco Intl. Inc. displayed its AM Series modular boilers, which have a unique modular design that provides fuel savings from 399-1,000 MBtu. Each unit is comprised of between two and four independent thermal modules firing up to 250 MBtu, each at 5:1 individual turndown. This allows for optimum temperature control and low-cycling operation. When needed, multiple units can be colocated and common vented to provide a boiler plant with highest efficiency, turndown, and redundancy in a small footprint.

Aerosys Inc. exhibited its AeroPak Series of through-the-wall heating and cooling units. The compact, completely self-contained package allows each tenant or condo owner to have complete control of his or her comfort needs. The AeroPak can be specified in three combinations: gas heating/electric cooling, electric heating/electric cooling, and heat pump. Features include field-switchable (slide out) heat options, 9.0 EER cooling efficiency or higher, internal vent system (direct vent), R-410A refrigerant, slide-out cooling chassis, heavy-gauge stainless steel condensate pan and fitting, and fully insulated cabinet for quiet operation. Also, Aerosys displayed its THDC line of through-the-wall split system condensing units, which are rated at 14 SEER and are designed to meet demanding requirements for multifamily housing.

Ajax Boiler Inc. introduced the Triton Series™ high-efficiency boiler, which offers a cost-effective solution for space heating and process hot water applications. Features include compact modular design, high-efficiency performance, low emissions, advanced controls, easy start-up, and convenient operation. The foundation of this boiler consists of a double-row, high-finned, copper-tube, four-pass, water-tube heat exchanger. This configuration produces the greatest heating capacity in the most compact package, while maintaining high efficiency ratings, and NOx emissions of less than 9 ppm.

Aquatherm Polypropylene Pipe displayed its Aquatherm Black System. The system radiates heat directly from thermally controlled walls or ceiling to occupants. Large thermal surfaces allow for a lower operating temperature (77?-95?F for heating, 50?-65? for cooling), making the system ideally suited for use with eco-friendly condensing boilers or alternative energy sources like heat pumps, solar water heaters, geothermal, and heat-recovery systems. The system is rated at 30 Btu per square foot with 100? water and 70? room temperature for heating. In cooling applications, panels are rated at 30 Btu per square foot with 55? water and 75? room temperature. System advantages include no drafts, reduced noise, dust reduction, minimal construction thickness, and more.

Armstrong Intl. Inc. exhibited its EHU-800 electrode humidifier. According to the company, the EHU-800 is ideal for providing humidification where no steam is available or where a steam source is too remote for easy or economical piping. The humidifier converts ordinary tap water to steam and distributes it to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. Features include a digital display with keypad, native Modbus, external water and drain connections, external fill cup, cleanable and/or replaceable tank, onboard controller, relay to control external fan package, and an optional relay board. The Series EHU may also be used in combination with an Armstrong EHF-2 or EHF-3 fan package for direct area discharge of steam.

Atas Intl. Inc. showcased the InSpire transpired solar collector for heating fresh air. The InSpire wall panel is mounted a few inches from the building’s outer wall. The precision perforations in wall panels allow outside air to travel through the face of the panel. Solar-heated air at the surface of the panel is drawn through the perforations where it rises between the two walls and enters the building’s central ventilation system, or supply fan. The InSpire wall panel also helps to reduce the cooling load in the summer by preventing normal solar radiation from striking the building’s main wall. Hot air is thermally siphoned up the wall and vented through holes at the top of the system, leaving the main wall cooler. In the summer, bypass louvers allow cool, fresh air to be drawn into the building at night, maintaining IAQ.

Baltimore Aircoil Co. Inc. featured the Series 300 Cooling Tower, which exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2013 energy-efficiency requirements. It is also said to have expanded flexibility and enhanced payback analysis tools.

Bosch Thermotechnology introduced its LM Series water-to-water (W2W) heat pump line for new commercial and retrofit applications. The LM Series includes five models from 2-6 tons. The LM Series can be used in horizontal and vertical configurations depending on the application, and features a two-speed scroll compressor and an electronically commutated motor as standard components. They achieve up to 32 EER part load and up to 22 EER full load. Commercial projects equipped with Bosch LM Series heat pumps can qualify for up to 23 possible points under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process.

Buderus USA, a brand of Bosch Thermotechnology, expanded its GB162 gas condensing boiler offering for cascades up to eight units. Combining condensing and cascade technologies together in one compact, lightweight design provides ultra high-performance efficiencies (up to 93 percent AFUE) with the ability to fit multiple boiler units into tight spaces. Designed for smaller commercial buildings and larger homes, the GB162 is ideal for wall- or rack-mounted applications for multi-boiler cascades.

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., showcased its AquaEdge chillers. The line features the 19XR/XRV, a two-stage centrifugal chiller, and a heat pump with an expanded capacity up to 2,250 tons, which will be extended up to 3,000 tons later in the year; and the 23XRV water-cooled variable-speed screw chiller available from 200-550 tons. Carrier also displayed its ActivAIR™ 36IU, a redesign of the legacy 36S induction unit. The unit features improved energy efficiency and performance and provides increased value and benefit to the building owner. The ActivAIR 36IU maintains the same unit dimensions as the 36S, so it can be seamlessly integrated into an existing system as a replacement component, or as a complement to induction beams in a new design. The new unit also features a reduction of the inlet static pressure requirement and reduced sound levels. The company also showcased its variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) offerings, including its new generation of VRF systems. Carrier’s latest heat recovery units, the Toshiba Carrier SHRM-I, deliver innovative technology that optimize and balance each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. The system boasts multiple inverter-driven compressors that are compatible with Puron® refrigerant (R-410A) and recently earned a 2014 AHR Expo Innovation award honorable mention in the cooling category. Carrier also introduced its 30RB with Greenspeed intelligence to its AquaSnap Chiller line. The 30RB features new software designed to optimize usage of the compressors, fans, and circuits. The software constantly calculates the most efficient head pressure from the load and ambient conditions, and controls precisely to this pressure through infinite feedback steps and adjustments. The company also welcomed its Humidi-MiZer adaptive dehumidification system for its highest efficiency commercial rooftops, the WeatherExpert™ Series, on 3-23-ton models. An expansion of the WeatherExpert Series to 150 tons was also announced.

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. showed the CataDyne™ CHS Series Heating Package. The unit is designed for space- and spot-heating applications where flammable gases, vapors, or liquids may be present. Equipped with explosion-proof infrared heaters, this package comes standard or custom designed for unique applications. The infrared heaters are controlled manually or with integrated hazardous-locations control panels. They are expandable to six zones and feature interlocking terminals for integration with ancillary equipment.

Cleaver-Brooks displayed its Large Flextube® (FLX) boiler that can obtain 81 percent efficiency on steam applications and 85 percent efficiency on hydronic heating applications. With the NT Series burner technology, it can achieve less than 9-ppm NOx. The forced draft air atomized burner provides turndown for standard emissions with up to 10:1 on natural gas and 7:1 on oil. For reduced emissions to less than 30 ppm, the turndown is 8:1 on gas and 7:1 on oil. For emissions less than 9 ppm, the turndown is 5:1.

ClimaCool Corp., a subsidiary of LSB Industries Inc., highlighted its configured packaged rooftop systems with available capacities from 6-80 tons. Providing green solutions for dehumidification, heat recovery, heating, cooling, make-up air, air quality, and controls, the systems offer application flexibility. According to the company, lower utility costs are obtained through high-efficiency scroll compressors, optimized heat transfer, and variable-speed EC condenser fans including integral head pressure control with an acoustical design that provides low operating noise levels. The units are designed to treat 100 percent outside air from inception by optimizing refrigerant management. Face-split six-row DX coils ensure ideal dehumidification at all ambient conditions. The use of an optional hard-core molecular-sieve energy conservation wheel provides maximum energy efficiency, minimizing operating cost while improving IAQ.

ClimateMaster Inc. launched its Tranquility Vertical Stack (TSM) Series heat pump units. Available in ¾-3-ton capacities, the units are engineered to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling as part of boiler or cooling tower systems, or geothermal heating and cooling systems. Designed for a variety of applications, including educational, office, hospitality, apartment, and condominium buildings, the TSM Series streamlines installation as its risers, cabinet, and chassis are available for shipment individually or in combination. The space-saving TSM Series units are also installed behind drywall, which translates to a clean and visually appealing end result, the company said. Featuring optional iGate (DXM2) controls, TSM Series units offer 4-wire connections with an ATC thermostat. ClimateMaster also displayed its Tranquility Console (TRC) Series heat pump units for applications in which ceiling height and space are limited, as well as in retrofit applications requiring minimal disturbance to the existing structure. Exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, the Tranquility TRC Series maintains small cabinet dimensions in a two-piece chassis/cabinet design. Available in ¾-1½-ton capacities, the Tranquility TRC Series has a slope top with a rigid aluminum bar supply air grille and aluminum control door. Additional features include a TXV metering device, advanced digital auto or manual change-over unit-mounted control with temperature display, and a speed selection and fault indicator. With standard microprocessor controls, and optional DXM and/or DDC controls, the Tranquility TRC Series is available with a remote-mounted control and LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, and Johnson N2 DDC control compatibility options.

Climaveneta S.p.A. showed a chilled water cooling door unit for 7-11-ton applications. Housed at the rear of the rack, it is designed to manage hot spots inside data centers and exhaust rack air.

Concepts and Designs Inc. rolled out the Dry Climate Series™. The units feature a chain-driven desiccant rotor system, large access panels, double-wall foam construction, and stainless steel exterior casing. They have center shaft rotor support, reactivation energy modulation, and are ETL and ETL-C listed. A remote mount control panel has a microprocessor controller with a full offering of building management systems connection options. It is designed to interface with multiple environments.

Cool Water Technologies showcased the RTCH Series of evaporative cooling towers, available in sizes from 12-180 nominal tons, 36-540 gallons per minute (gpm). All standard box sizes are available. A full range of standard sizes and footprints are available, and Cool Water Technologies will custom design and fabricate sizes outside the normal range.

Daikin North America LLC announced the next generation of its VRV line, the VRV IV system. Available in heat pump configurations, VRV IV provides a total comfort solution for heating, cooling, ventilation, and controls for residential to large commercial applications. It features IEER values up to 28 and improved seasonal efficiency with automatic and customizable Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) climate tuning. The system is optimized to reduce total lifecycle cost and is expected to be available in April. In addition, Daikin highlighted its Daikin Zoning Kit (DZK), which consists of a zoning box (with controls), main thermostat, and wireless thermostats. DZK is available as an option to increase the flexibility of the Daikin VRV and SkyAir systems by adding a zoning box to an indoor unit fan coil, allowing several separate ducts to supply air to different individually controlled zones in the building. A zone can be a room, part of a room, or several rooms. According to the company, the flexible and scalable Zoning Kit integrates seamlessly with the indoor unit fan coil and the controls of the heating and cooling system.

Dectron Internationale Inc. exhibited its Dry-O-Tron DSV 10, the newest model of its precision-engineered energy-recycling dehumidifiers. Designed to remove moisture from the air surrounding an indoor swimming pool, it dehumidifies without overcooling the space. The Dry-O-Tron DSV 10 offers a choice of green refrigerants as well as a choice of up to 10 indoor air discharge locations and the option of one or two outdoor air locations. Its plenum fan section comes complete with VFD-controlled direct-drive motor.

Delta Cooling Towers Inc. showcased its TM Series cooling towers, which are available in 250-2,000 cooling tons. The engineered plastic molded tower provides longer life without the high maintenance and downtime typically associated with traditional metal towers. Features include: molded, seamless, leak-proof sump with I-beam pockets; non-clog large orifice spray nozzles; double-wall, seamless, high-density polyethylene shell; premium, efficient direct-drive fans; and a 20-year warranty on tower casing. The modular design allows various cells to be isolated, if required. Made in the USA, it’s Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) certified.

Dong-il Precision Industrial Co. Ltd. highlighted its Tiger-King far-infrared heater. It is equipped with an oil return system for prevention of incomplete combustion. Safety features include a flame detector, overcurrent blocking device, anti-overheating equipment, and tip-over switch. It is an ultra low noise system rated at 50 decibels. A remote controller is offered for user convenience.

Dunham-Bush Americas offered its WCFX-E Water Cooler Rotary Screw Flooded Chillers, available in 37 models from 70-1,000 tons of refrigeration (TR). They feature multiple compressor units which provide redundancy and favorable part-load efficiency, and come with a one-year parts warranty at no extra cost. Each compressor is provided with up to two integral oil separators. All housings are manufactured with high-grade, low-porosity cast iron.

Easco Boiler Corp., a division of A.L. Eastmond & Sons Inc., introduced the Model FPS four-pass Scotch Marine boiler. It is available in 15-psig steam and up to 160-psig water design; submersible, tankless domestic hot water coils are optional. It features low heat release, low furnace pressure, 5 square feet of heating surface per boiler horsepower, large steam space and disengaging area, and high efficiency.

Ebac Industrial Products Ltd. exhibited its DD1200 desiccant dehumidifier, which incorporates a high-capacity resistive heater, ensuring maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained while the unit is running. The DD1200 incorporates two EC fans with variable speed, allowing the unit to be easily installed and commissioned in a wide variety of installations. An electronic thermostat allows the user to select the desired drying level.

Ecochillers Inc. showcased the Ultra Series 7.5- to 100-ton air-cooled, semi-hermetic chillers. The chillers feature hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant R-410a, Carlyle semi-hermetic serviceable compressor efficient valve design for newer HFC refrigerants, electronic processor, shell-and-tube heat exchanger, brazed plate option, micro-channel aluminum condenser, 0?-65?F glycol/water temperatures, and more.

Enerco Technical Products Inc. displayed the DeWalt 10-kW electric forced-air heater, which can be operated unattended and does not require monitoring. The heater is fume-free, does not have any open flames, and includes an adjustable thermostat. It is available in single- or three-phase configurations and features durable, heavy-duty construction and extra coil support.

Enerconcept Technologies Inc. showcased its Lubi™ solar air collector, a solar air heater based on Enerconcept Technologies’ patented perforated glazing technology (PGT). Its high-performance rating almost reaches the physical limits of solar heat transfer physics, with results as high as 80 percent efficiency in transforming solar light into hot air. Even though the Lubi solar air collector is simple and easy to install, the design parameters of wall- or roof?mounted Lubi installations must be optimized by Enerconcept in order to allow the whole system to work in the most efficient way. Once these design parameters are optimized by Enerconcept (panel mount layout, location of air intakes, inside plenum depth, etc.), Enerconcept will deliver all necessary components and accessories for simple, quick, and aesthetically pleasing mounting.

Envira-North Systems Ltd. introduced its Outdoor Park Fan. The high-volume low-speed (HVLS), 20-foot fan is ideal for outdoor theatres, recreation parks, stadiums, and more. It features variable-speed control, 1,206-W power consumption, and offers approximately 130 feet of coverage. The unit is available in 240-V, 1 ph; 208-V, 3 ph; and 480-V, 3 ph.

First Co. Products displayed its WHSC Series through-the-wall condensing units. By using the industry’s latest state-of-the-art components, such as ECMs, high-efficiency compressors, and enhanced coil technology, the WHSC Series condensing unit achieves up to 14 SEER when combined with First Co.’s matching wall, ceiling, or closet-type high-efficiency air handlers. In addition, the condensing unit’s unique propeller-type fan blade operates at a slow speed and features quiet operation. The units help projects maximize valuable HVAC equipment-efficiency points in projects seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and other above-code energy-efficiency certification programs.

Gasmaster Industries Inc. introduced its NX-Series of condensing boilers. The Gasmaster NX-3000 features efficiency up to 99.8 percent and exceeds all North American regulation requirements for low-NOx emissions. It is lightweight with a small footprint and is capable of fitting through a 36-inch doorway. The NX-3000 requires no heat exchanger maintenance and is thermal shockproof. It features a 10-sensor input touchscreen controller, with BACnet, Modbus, and LonWorks configurations available.

Griswold Water Systems exhibited its IntegraClean™ water treatment solution. IntegraClean water treatment allows a cooling system to run reliably, within specific parameters, in order to have an efficient and cost-effective operation. Excursions outside these normal parameters are expensive, as heat transfer degenerates and the risk of equipment damage increases. Potentially harmful solids, such as blown-in dirt, are well managed, providing for optimum cycles of concentration and reduced total operating cost. Not only does IntegraClean replace toxic chemicals associated with traditional water treatment, it also preserves cooling system cleanliness through effective filtration and low-energy basin sweeping. When cooling systems are clean, system efficiency is preserved, resulting in energy savings.

Heat Controller Inc., a Motors and Armatures (MARS) company, displayed ComfortAire wall- and ceiling-mounted infrared heaters. Designed for outdoor commercial use, the infrared heaters are rated for wet environments and can be used in all seasons. According to the company, its advanced technology uses medium-wave infrared for maximum heat output with minimal glare from the lamp. Three sizes are available to warm spaces from 64-168 square feet. Units can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and may plug into an outlet or be hard wired, depending on model. Heating is instant, with no warm-up time required, and operation is silent and odorless. The heater casing and protective cover are constructed of durable anodized aircraft aluminum, and minimal maintenance is required. In addition, an infrared outdoor patio heater model was also on display.

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc. introduced the Thermo-Master and Stack-Master, which aid in lowering stack temperatures by utilizing make-up feedwater and exhaust gases in a whole new way as a means to increase overall boiler efficiency. The unique water-to-water counter-flow designs are a revolutionary breakthrough in boiler design and engineering technology. The optional counter-flow devices are factory-installed and require no external support; therefore, they do not require installation and labor costs. Fuel-to-steam efficiencies can be increased by up to 5 percent. These features will be offered exclusively on Hurst’s line of packaged Scotch Marine Counter-Flow Series Boilers.

i-Lift Equipment Ltd. showed its PSAC-65 industrial-class portable spot air conditioner. It is manufactured with an advanced rotary sealed compressor and highly efficient heat transmitter and exchanger. The compact unit has a cooling capacity of 22,100 Btuh. It provides versatile spot cooling in such applications as manufacturing production lines, injection molding, metal forming, or server rooms.

Ilios Dynamics displayed the new water-source version of its Ilios High Efficiency Water Heater, model HEWH-500-WS, which offers both hot water and chilled water simultaneously. It can also use low-grade waste heat, as well as geothermal/groundwater as a free energy source. Designed to easily fit through standard doorways, into elevators, etc., it is also rated for outdoor installation. It can be used in hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere with a simultaneous need for heating and cooling.

?meksan ?zmir Menfez Klima San. Tic. A.?. offered its Packaged Hygenic Air Conditioners, which are specially designed and constructed to meet the demands of surgical operation theatres, intensive care rooms, and electronic and optical industries where high IAQ is required. It comes with high-efficiency filtration of the supply, return, and exhausted air, and will supply 100 percent fresh air whenever the operational theatre is in use. A mixture of 50 percent fresh air is supplied when in stand-by mode.

International Environmental Corp., a brand of LSB Industries Inc., introduced the ReStoraMOD™ modular high-rise replacement fan coil series. The ReStoraMOD was designed for fast and minimally invasive installation that does not impact neighboring spaces and can be completed on a room-by-room basis. Its streamlined three-step installation process includes: removal of existing surface components and trim drywall; removal of the existing unit’s internal components and trim cabinet edges; and setting the ReStoraMOD unit into the existing cavity and hooking it up to the existing infrastructure. Compatible with most existing modular high-rise units, including IEC and competitive models, the ReStoraMOD is available in 300-, 400-, and 600-cfm capacities. It provides energy savings and improved IAQ with a wide variety of options including closed-cell insulation, an ECM motor, anti-microbial coatings, and advanced humidity control. Additionally, IEC highlighted its Vertical Classic (F*C) Series fan coil line. The series features an Eco-telligent ECM motor, condensate removal system, and MERV 13 filter for improved system performance and IAQ. Offered in 100-1,200-cfm capacities, the complete line of Vertical Classic Series units includes: the Vertical Hideaway (FHC), designed for concealed applications and perimeter heating and cooling; the slender-profile Vertical Cabinet (FXC) for exposed applications; and the Vertical Sloped Top Cabinet (FVC), featuring heavy-gauge steel and a sloped top panel to prevent items from being placed over the unit’s discharge grilles.

Jaga Climate Systems Inc. featured its Freedom radiator. The modular housing is fabricated from recycled aluminum lending to a robust, yet contemporary-looking, unit. The Freedom is strong enough to be stood on, including the sleek aluminum grille with black rubber lining that adds to the refined finish. It is ideal when using heat pumps and all-new heating techniques at very low water temperatures, which provides users energy and cost savings. Also suitable for condensing and noncondensing cooling, all Freedom radiators are fitted with a condensation drain.

Kingspan Environmental Ltd. demonstrated its commercial rainwater harvesting system. The system utilizes much of the existing pipework within the building, with the main requirement being the installation of a rainwater storage tank with internal pump. Complete packaged units can be delivered directly to site, while multiple tanks can be joined to provide for larger volumes.

KKT chillers, a brand of ait-Germany GmbH, exhibited its Compact-Line of chillers for providing maximum performance at minimum space requirements. The modern industrial design immediately gives away the variety of innovations included in this powerful device. The chillers come in four sizes and feature a user-friendly surface with plain-text display of temperature, pressure, tank level, and all status notifications; a reduction in operating costs due to 20 percent less electrical consumption; efficiency benefits due to optimization of partial-load response; and logistics and maintenance benefits, including using up to 75 percent less refrigerant, thanks to the use of innovative heat exchanger technologies like microchannel and asymmetric plate heat exchangers, arranged at the smallest footprint.

Laars Heating Systems Co., a subsidiary of Bradford White Corp., showcased its MagnaTherm boiler, a 95 percent thermal efficiency modulating-condensing boiler or volume water heater available in 2- 3-, and 4-MMBtuh sizes. MagnaTherm offers a 5:1 turndown, small footprint, slim vertical design with removable top section, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and multiple voltage options to easily match building service. The boiler features an advanced Vari-Prime pump control that seamlessly matches boiler firing rate to pump flow, helping to reduce boiler pumping costs. A large, easy-to-navigate color touchscreen displays results in quick setup and diagnostics. Up to eight MagnaTherms can be controlled in a cascading boiler bank. The system has a unique, sealed condensate trap that does not need to be primed at startup, can accommodate up to 100 feet of vent, and meets stringent NOx emission requirements.

Lava Heat Italia displayed its Lava Heat 2G patio heater. Boasting an unmatched 61,000 Btu, the unit embodies luxurious design with superior construction and durability. The weather-resistant 2G provides added safety and convenience with an infrared remote-controlled ignition system.

Liebert highlighted the CRV precision cooling system that installs within a row of data center racks — close to the server heat source — for efficient cooling of critical IT equipment. The rack-sized CRV provides high-capacity cooling in a small footprint and features the iCOM Control System that modulates unit performance in real-time, based on conditions in the row. Monitoring up to 10 racks with 20 sensors, the CRV precisely controls air temperature, humidity, and filtration in the surrounding racks.

Lochinvar LLC introduced its FTXL™ Fire Tube Boiler. Designed with a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger, the boiler delivers 98 percent thermal efficiency and 10:1 turndown. The new line includes five models with inputs ranging from 399,000-850,000 Btuh. Each model features the same compact size with a 6.2-square-foot footprint. The boiler is equipped with Lochinvar’s Smart System™ interface. The operating system allows for remote communication with the boiler via a wireless or wired connection.

Mars Air Systems displayed the Series 2 air curtains. Series 2 has been redesigned, re-engineered, and revamped to include slimmer units, updated colors such as matte black and spartan bronze, and a sleek new design that allow the units to blend in with various architectural designs. Typical applications include drive-up windows, both fast food and service windows; concession stands in sports complexes; walk-in coolers, freezers, and kitchen receiving doors in restaurants; customer entry doors; and receiving doors and loading dock doors in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, cold storage facilities, hospitals, schools, and municipal buildings. According to the company, Mars’ air curtains resist the infiltration of windborne dust, pollen, smoke, and flying insects while maintaining a building’s desired indoor temperatures.

Mesan USA exhibited its MCC counter-flow induced-draft cooling tower, designed for small footprint and high-efficiency. Its four-side air intake makes it compact and easy to accommodate in tight spaces. The series includes 40 models, ranging in size from 40-400 tons per cell. Features include ANSI-125 flanges, centralized piping cluster at the bottom of the tower to minimize installation costs, non-clogging spray nozzles, and more. The company also introduced its MXL cross-flow induced-draft cooling tower. The series has a capacity range of 427-3,320 gallons per minute (gpm) and offers improved resistance against high winds and seismic forces.

Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division highlighted the Hyper-Heating R2-Series of variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning systems, which can operate at 100 percent heating capacity at temperatures down to 0?F. The H2i R2-Series joins the Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) family of products. The patented flash-injection technology allows the H2i R2-Series to simultaneously cool and heat down to -4?. This series is designed for commercial and industrial applications in climates such as the Midwest and New England that require varied heating and cooling points. Available up to 16 tons, the Hyper-Heating R-2 Series features a two-pipe configuration and compact system components. One outdoor unit can connect to up to 24 indoor units, and the heat pump is compatible with all City Multi indoor unit styles. Mitsubishi Electric also expanded its P-Series Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) heat pump outdoor units for light commercial applications. At -13?, the H2i P-Series outdoor units operate at 80 percent of rated heating capacity, improving by 10 percent compared to previous models. The system provides 100 percent of rated heating capacity at ambient temperatures down to 5?; at -4?, the system maintains operation at 87 percent of rated heating capacity. In addition, the H2i P-Series features a Hot Start process that guarantees warm airflow from the start. The P-Series also offers multiple fan speeds, and its humidity-reducing dry mode helps to combat excess moisture in rooms. Two H2i PUZ-HA models are available to deliver from 30,000-36,000-Btuh cooling capacity and 32,000-38,000-Btuh heating capacity.

Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. displayed the InvenSor LTC 10 Plus chiller. It combines all basic components for thermic cold production in one machine: chiller, system control, and hydraulic station, including the most important pumps, valves, and mixers. The hydraulic and electric equipment of the machine follows optimal dimensioning, is electrically wired, and is suitably insulated. The chilled water generator in the LTC 10 Plus is equipped with the brand-new ActiVac system for automatic pressure optimization, and with that is maintenance-free. With ActiVac, the chiller keeps constant optimal pressure conditions inside the adsorber.

Modine Mfg. Co. introduced the redesigned Airedale ClassMate single packaged vertical DX and heat pump system. The ClassMate offers efficiency, noise reduction, and a smaller footprint, providing great flexibility for school installations. It is offered in four capacities, from 24-60 MBtuh, in two cabinet sizes. Also, EER is boosted up to 12 percent over the existing ClassMate HE for integrated part-load values up to 16.1. Modine expanded its Atherion commercial packaged ventilation line with the introduction of the 7- to 15-ton B-cabinet. The expansion gives the full Atherion line eight models ranging from 7-30 tons. Designed to meet ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for IEER efficiency and IAQ, the Atherion features optional high-efficiency gas heating and MERV-16 air filtration. In addition, Modine extended its Effinity93 unit heater line from eight to 10 models, with the four smallest models being residentially certified. The full product line now ranges from 55,000-310,000 Btuh. Effinity93 features Modine’s Conservicore technology, a high-grade stainless steel secondary heat exchanger specifically designed to withstand acidic combustion condensate. The two new model sizes are certified for installation in residential, commercial, and industrial applications and include finger-proof fan guards. The heaters can be vented as either a two-pipe or concentric vent system for maximum flexibility with 3-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) vent piping.

Motivair Corp. unveiled its Centricor MLT Series air-cooled chillers. The series features 60-500-ton models with magnetic Turbocor centrifugal compressor technology. Designed with aerospace technology, the Turbocor offers performance, sound, and reliability efficiency. An integrated variable-frequency drive allows each compressor to reduce speed and maximize energy savings as system or chiller condensing temperatures decrease. Oil-free compressor operation eliminates inefficiencies that exist in standard oil-lubricated screw- and centrifugal-compressor systems. The Centurion Monitoring System is included on each Centricor chiller and all chillers feature R-134A refrigerant.

Multiaqua Inc. announced a new 5-ton heat recovery chiller. The Multiaqua VRFW (variable-refrigerant flow water) model features zoned, simultaneous heating and cooling with hot and cold water. According to the company, it has no line length limitations and is able to supplement low ambient heating requirements when paired with low-cost natural gas or other fuels instead of electricity. Multiple 5-ton chillers can be banked in parallel to create 10-, 15-, 20-ton, or larger systems.

Multistack LLC exhibited its ARA VersaTemp – Total Building Solutions, MS0030X + MS0040X VME II, ASX High Efficiency Air-Cooled Chiller, and ASM Medical and Process Chiller. The ARA VersaTemp is a water-to-water heat pump with auxiliary air-cooled condenser. It features a four-pipe design that meets all building needs: cooling only, heating only, and simultaneous heating and cooling, all in a single unit. The MS0030X + MS0040X VME II is a virtual movable endcap VME II with integral dedicated heat recovery chiller (DHRC). The model provides central heating and cooling with heat recovery with a four-pipe system. R-410A units provide hot water to 140?F; R-134a units to 180?. The ASX High Efficiency Air-Cooled Chiller is available in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 50-, and 60-ton modules. Included 7-mm Micro-Groove heat transfer coil technology and reduced air-side pressure drop provide added efficiency. The ASM Medical and Process Chiller includes 3-30-ton capabilities in stand-alone, non-modular configurations. The unit is available with single- and dual-refrigeration circuits and is available in all-stainless steel construction, components, or with epoxy paints and coil coatings.

NextEnergy Geothermal, a brand of EarthPoint Inc., showcased the Viessmann 300-G medium-temperature heat pump. Utilizing an electronic expansion valve with state-of-the-art Bitzer Scroll compressors, the 300-G offers a wide operating envelope with superior efficiency. Supply hot water temperatures of up to 150?F and evaporator temperatures as low as 20? are attainable using R-410A refrigerant. Efficiency is assured by utilizing brazed-plate heat exchangers on both the condenser and evaporator. An integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) allows for optimal operation of the 300-G while also providing unprecedented flexibility in controlling the building heating and cooling systems. The 300-G is ideal for geothermal, ice storage, variable air volume (VAV) with heat recovery, or custom industrial applications.

NovelAire Technologies expanded its line of DES/DX CR cold air dehumidification systems to include sizes up to 12,000 cfm. The DES/DX CR Series is designed specifically to dehumidify low-temperature spaces, such as ice rinks and cold storage facilities using desiccant technology.

Panasonic Corp. introduced the ECOi EX™ Series of variable-refrigerant flow (VRF), multi-zone, heat pump and heat recovery systems. The combined ECOi EX two-way conditioning solution is a two-pipe heat pump specifically designed for numerous commercial and premium residential applications. For buildings requiring simultaneous heating and cooling, the three-way ECOi system offers a solution for stabilizing the air temperature by providing all the features of a heat pump system with the added flexibility of simultaneous cooling and heating from one refrigerant pipe network.

PB Heat LLC’s Peerless Boilers offered the Purefire™ high-efficiency condensing commercial line of gas boilers, which are rated up to 96.6 percent thermal efficiency. These compact boilers feature fully modulating burners with maximum 10:1 turndown and are direct-vent/sealed combustion. Their unique design allows common venting of multiple boilers, and they are cascade capable, up to 16 boilers.

Port-A-Cool LLC, a member of the Walter Meier Group, displayed its Port-A-Cool Hurricane® 3600. The portable evaporative cooling unit can lower temperatures up to 30ºF and provides 14,500 cfm. The 2014 enhanced design features a digital control panel with easy-touch buttons for operation and status displays, blue blades, and requires 11.4 A for pump and motor operation. It features a variable-speed motor, low-water shut-off, digital touch control panel buttons, 67-gallon water capacity, dual water fill with hose hookup or manual tank fill, and 6-inch heavy-duty casters. The unit requires no chemicals or refrigerants to produce cool air output and has a one-piece molded polyethylene housing.

Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering Co. Inc. showcased its customized Portable Boiler Rooms (PBRs). Used for emergency, backup, and other applications where immediate steam or hot water is needed, Powerhouse’s PBRs are ready for use and can be delivered anywhere and hooked up within hours. Powerhouse uses only 100 percent new components, including new boilers, in every unit built.

Qingdao Yigao Air-conditioning Co. Ltd. displayed its Hailin® Model HP48BX portable evaporative air cooler. It features a durable, one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing and is equipped with a high-performance 1-hp variable-speed motor. The 48-inch diameter fan provides an air volume of up to 20,000 cfm. The evaporative cooler includes a low water cutoff to protect the pump.

QMark, a division of Marley Engineered Products, showed the SmartSeries Architectural programmable wall heater. The digital unit features five-day/two-day programming, building management system connection, out-of-the-box setup, and a security lockout function. The premium heavy-duty cast-aluminum grille is uniquely styled and available in four colors. QMark also displayed its Heavy-Duty Architectural wall heater, a mechanical unit designed to save time and money on installation. According to the company, it is excellent for zone heating. Its dramatic, contemporary design features a rugged, heavy-duty aluminum die-cast grille available in four colors.

Raypak Inc. highlighted the MVB product platform, which has now been expanded up to 4 MMBtu. The new Versa IC fully integrated control system is standard, along with the Modbus BMS port, as well as cold water protection functionality via optional three-way valve. It features 88.4 percent thermal efficiency, as well as a 7:1 turndown ratio. Low lead bronze headers are standard, and the product is suitable for indoor or outdoor construction.

Rettig USA Inc. (Myson), part of Rettig Indoor Climate Comfort, introduced its iVector, what the company says is a new generation of intelligent fan convectors. It is said to be ideal for use with traditional boilers and renewable heat sources. Four-pipe configuration allows for heating and cooling applications. It is compact in size due to the large surface area of its heat exchanger. Its low water content is between 5-10 percent of the amount used in a traditional radiator with equivalent output. It provides excellent heat outputs even when operating with lower water temperatures.

Sonitec-Vortisand Inc. showcased the Vortisand H2F filter for higher-flow applications. In cooling system applications, the H2F provides up to 20 percent energy savings, generated by preventing the formation of sediment and insulating bio-slime layers, leading to greater heat exchanger efficiency. Because of its high efficiency and its optimized active microsand bed, the H2F is designed for process waters such as pretreatment of reverse osmosis membranes, water recovery, rain harvesting, irrigation, data centers, district cooling, and large industrial cooling towers.

Space-Ray, a division of Gas Fired Products Inc., exhibited its ForceRed Series of infrared tube heaters designed for industrial applications. ForceRed is a pull-through system designed to provide the maximum radiant output at a fixed emitter tube length. According to the manufacturer, ForceRed delivers more radiant energy to the floor level, thus helping maintain thermal mass in the floor, which offers a quicker recovery when the doors are opened and closed frequently.

Sterling HVAC Products, a Mestek Inc. company, displayed the Xcelon self-contained rooftop make-up air unit. The Xcelon incorporates a high-efficiency hydronic system and variable-frequency drives (VFD) to control fan-speed performance. Xcelon’s hydronic system is self-contained and does not require an external water supply. Its fully modulating configuration allows precision temperature control, ensuring constant discharge air temperatures even at the lowest part-load conditions. The result is less cycling and improved reliability with very accurate temperature distribution across the airstream for reduced operating costs and uniform comfort across the occupied space.

Superior Boilers Works Inc. introduced the Creek ST line of condensing boilers, which can be used as a high-efficiency heating boiler. The boilers come in sizes from 300,000 to 2 million Btuh and feature a high water volume, twin water return for maximum efficiency, and low emissions.

Tandem Chillers offered its Four- and Six-Pipe Arrangement service-in-place chillers. The service-in-place chillers are dual-compressor, water-cooled chillers where the water piping, water shut-off valves, or motorized valves are accessible from the front of the chiller, and the refrigeration components and the compressors can be serviced or removed from the back. A maximum of 12 chillers may be included in one group. The Four-Pipe Arrangements come in water-cooled chillers, dedicated water-cooled heat-reclaim chillers, and dedicated water-cooled heat pump chillers. The Six-Pipe Arrangement models include simultaneous heating and cooling units, dual use of source-water simultaneous heating and cooling units, and water-cooled heat-reclaim chillers.

Tecumseh Products Co. featured its Masterflux Sierra Chiller Unit, a 12-V direct-current chiller rated at 5,000 Btu with hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-134a refrigerant for process cooling in both stationary and mobile applications. It features an integrated system and control scheme designed specifically for rugged environments. The new chiller unit can be powered from a universal power supply.

The Fulton Cos. showcased its Endura boiler, a vertical fire tube boiler with a compact footprint, and high-quality, duplex stainless steel three-pass heat exchanger and enhanced fireside surfaces. It offers less than 20-ppm NOx emissions, full input with 4-inch wc incoming natural gas pressure, 120-V single-phase power supply, and up to 10:1 turndown capabilities. The Endura product line has been Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified at 93.5 percent efficiency for the EDR-1500 and 93.7 percent efficiency for the EDR-2000. The Endura boiler is equipped with a color touchscreen display with extensive capabilities, including building management system (BMS) communication and integrated sequencing for up to eight boilers. Currently available in 1.5- and 2-MMBtuh sizes, it is soon to be released in 1-, 2.5-, and 3-MMBtuh sizes. For larger condensing applications, Fulton highlighted the Vantage condensing boiler, which was recently expanded to include 5- and 6-MMBtuh models. Eight- and 10-MMBtuh models will be available in 2014. Fulton’s Vantage line offers rugged fire tube construction and diverse burner configurations, including low emissions and dual fuel with No. 2 fuel oil for ultra high-efficiency applications.

Thermal Hydronics Supply’s Sime exhibited the Murelle HE R, a new range of pre-mix, high-power, wall-hung condensing boilers, designed to be installed individually in technical rooms, resolving problems of space and handling. It is available in one range of 368,852 Btuh only for heating, and its flexibility allows for the management of three heating circuits at different temperatures, through optional kits. It also features onboard electronics, making it possible to manage up to six generators in cascade.

Thermal Solutions LLC displayed its Arctic Series of stainless steel condensing gas-fired commercial boilers, which feature 95 percent thermal efficiency and stainless steel one-piece design. Thermal Solutions combines the best attributes of both water tube and fire tube designs in this all-new series of condensing boilers. The boilers come in 850-3,000 MBtuh, are field repairable, and are made in the U.S.

United CoolAir Corp. released new capacity models for its VariCool™ EZ-FIT system. The modular variable air volume (VAV) system is now available in 30 tons, which can double to 60 tons, and 35 tons, which doubles to 70 tons. Modules can be used alone for smaller zone applications or two modules can be coupled together for larger applications. Each comes with a factory charge of R-410A. A new optional touchscreen is available in the Marvel™ Series, which controls the units.

VTS America Inc. launched its VENTUS Air-Handling Units, a series of draw-thru air handlers for cooling and/or heating load conditions of 800-8,500 cfm. They are available in either vertical or horizontal configurations, although the vertical configuration is limited to 4,500 cfm. They are typically floor-mounted units, intended for indoor use.

WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. unveiled the CLW chiller, a large-capacity chiller with the ability to continuously monitor and optimize system performance. Available in 60-140-ton capacities, the new chiller uses advanced adaptive direct-digital controls that modulate equipment based on ever-changing conditions to constantly maintain the highest efficiencies possible; remote monitoring can relay this information to facility managers anywhere in the world. In addition, the commercial chiller is engineered to precisely distribute heated or chilled water for fan coils, pools, commercial aquariums, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, industrial process water, and many other applications. CLW chillers include: a high-efficiency R-410A scroll compressor; 4- or 6-inch water connections (Victaulic or flange style) that can be connected on either the right or left side of the unit; balanced port bidirectional TXV or an optional electronically controlled expansion valve; two Schrader service ports per circuit; heavy-gauge steel cabinets painted with corrosion-resistant black polyester powder; frame with forklift access in two dimensions and lifting points for easy maneuvering during installation and servicing; separate high and low voltage; and copper-brazed, oversized stainless steel water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers. Available as either a water-cooled chiller or as a reversible option, CLW units can be combined to create larger central chiller plants.

Weil-McLain showcased the SlimFit high-efficiency condensing boiler, designed for fast, easy installation in commercial and institutional settings. According to the company, the SlimFit is an easy solution for limited-space retrofits due to its small footprint and ability to fully integrate with older, noncondensing boilers. It is designed to lower operating costs and contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points with 96.1 percent combustion efficiency and up to 95.8 percent thermal efficiency. The SlimFit also features a durable aluminum heat exchanger, multiple direct exhaust and vent options, and preconfigured controls.

Weinman, a Crane Pumps & Systems Inc. comapny, introduced its 375 and 575 Series Close-Coupled and Frame-Mounted End-Suction Back Pull-Out Pumps. The pumps provide a broad range of sizes that offer the high efficiency of a tangential discharge pump and the serviceability of a back pull-out design. Features include heads to 400 feet, flows to 4,000 gallons per minute (gpm), speeds up to 125 hp, and up to 8 inches of discharge. A self-venting tangential discharge eliminates air entrapment in the pump case. A frame-mounted design offers a heavy-duty formed-steel base with bolt-on motor risers. A self-flushing mechanical seal and external piping is not required.

Yanmar Co. Ltd. displayed its Gas-Engine Heat Pump Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioning System. The system comes in four models for outdoor use and four models for indoor use. It uses a wide range of control options, which vary by unit size and system use. It can be controlled locally, centrally, or with an integrated system.

Yazaki Energy Systems Inc. displayed its Gas Fired Double-Effect Chiller-Heater, which features cooling capacities of 150 and 200 tons of refrigeration (TR), and are designed for commercial applications where chilled and hot water are used in a central air conditioning system. The condenser is water-cooled and heat is rejected through a cooling tower. The system features a high cooling coefficient of performance (COP) of 1.2, while burner firing is modulated 30-100 percent. It also features a weatherproof cabinet.

Publication date: 2/17/2014 

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