The NEWS was very busy at the AHR Expo in New York City, visiting as many booths as possible in search of new products. Below is a comprehensive list of all the HVAC residential equipment we found on the show floor.

Air Major Co. Ltd. debuted its AIRREX portable heat pump system that can be utilized in year-round applications. Heat pumps have the ability to move heat energy from one environment to another, and in either direction. Portable heat pumps by AIRREX have the ability to be switched from cooling mode to heating mode. In cooling mode, a heat pump works the same as an ordinary air conditioner. In heating mode, the unit absorbs the heat from the refrigeration cycle and converts it into warm air. The portable heat pump system features a four-way reversing valve, condensate tank LCDI protection, digital controls, and a louver grille.

Aprilaire announced major enhancements to its whole-home dehumidifier lineup. From an application standpoint, the new models are smaller and lighter, yet higher in moisture-removal capacities. This translates to contractors being able to provide better efficiency in tighter spaces like crawlspace openings, HVAC closets, condos, and townhomes. According to the company, efficiencies have improved by as much as 10 percent, with available capacities of 70, 95, and 135 pints per day. On the installation front, enhancements include digital setup, so no dip switches are required, and there’s no p-trap to install. Integrated backflow dampers convert to top or side discharge, and a control panel can be accessed from either the top or front of the unit.

Bard Mfg. Co. Inc. showcased its Geo-Delta water-to-water geothermal heat pump. Suitable for ground-water or ground-loop applications, the Geo-Delta offers many hydronic options, such as radiant floor heating, domestic water heating, and snow/ice melt. The units are designed and constructed to be stacked up to three high for greater installation and space-saving design. Geo-Delta features a two-stage step-capacity scroll compressor, R-410A green refrigerant, double O-ring connections, moveable control panels, and four optional electrical entrance points for ease of service.

Bosch Thermotechnology introduced two new models of its Greenstar gas condensing boiler line. All models are designed for residential applications and have an AFUE rating of 95 percent. The new Greenstar Combi 131 with a 131-MBtuh input provides space heating and hot water at up to 3.2 gallons per minute (gpm) and the Greenstar 79 with a 79-MBtuh input is for space heating only. New venting options from Bosch for the Greenstar line include concentric up-and-out venting and polypropylene twin pipe for installation flexibility. The up-and-out venting option kit consists of an appliance adaptor, a 90-degree elbow, and a telescopic termination that accommodates varying wall thicknesses. Greenstar wall-mounted boilers feature efficient condensing technology that includes a hydronic manifold and three-speed integral pump, allowing faster installation, the company said.

Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH displayed its first combination infrared heater/cooler. The space-saving, energy-saving design is emission-free, scentless, and weatherproof. The pump and filter are easy to apply on common water connections.

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., has expanded its ductless offerings. The Toshiba Carrier Series of ductless systems now includes 16 models that are Energy Star-qualified in both heat pump and cooling-only systems. The heat pump systems are now available with factory-installed base pan heaters for especially cold climates. In addition, the operating range of the Toshiba Carrier RAS ductless system has been expanded to 0?F in cooling and -4? in heating, which allows ductless to be utilized in even more applications.

ClimateMaster Inc. exhibited the Trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump series, which is certified by Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed 40 EER at ground-loop (GLHP) conditions. The Trilogy 40 utilizes variable-speed technology to provide a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, with the ability to perfectly match loads to as low as 30 percent of the maximum, said the company. In addition, patent-pending Q-Mode technology produces year-round domestic hot water on demand, even when space conditioning is not required. The Trilogy 40 Q-Mode Series is the outcome of a five-year collaboration between ClimateMaster and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), which was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Program. The Trilogy 40 Q-Mode Series is currently in limited production, with full availability scheduled for later this year.

Cosmogas S.r.L. highlighted a line of boilers featuring stainless steel water tubes, which offer high-efficiency performance and low pollution. The boilers can be connected to any type of heating installation, including radiators, radiant panels, and fan coils, and they come equipped with premixed burners, built in Fecralloy fiber for high-efficiency combustion and low emissions.

Creatherm Building Products displayed its radiant floor panels manufactured out of BASF Styropor and Neopor EPS, which offers contractors an innovative foam-installation process that saves time and money. Creatherm radiant interlocking panels help reduce labor costs and improve installation efficiencies by allowing for precise tube layout that eliminates the need to tie, clip, staple, or screw the PEX tubing to the substrate. The contractor series panels offer a great solution for slab-on-grade, snow-melt, retrofit, and root-zone heating applications. The finished floor panel size is 2-by-4-feet in size and feature eight radial and staggered snap-tight grids for optimal tubing spacing. On-center points exist every 6 inches, and the patented design allows an installer to run tubing at 45-degree angles with ease.

Crown Boiler Co. introduced its Aruba 4 gas-fired hot water boiler. Designed for reliability, efficiency, and performance, the residential boiler features a cast-iron heat exchanger, a built-in rear-draft diverter to fit low spaces, controls located inside the jacket, and an integrated boiler control. The Aruba 4 is available with natural or LP gas, designed for installation on combustible floors, and comes in four sizes ranging from 38-280 Mbtuh.

ECR Intl. Inc. unveiled the Retroaire™ RQTH, a single-package vertical heat pump with Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified performance. It is a drop-in replacement for original Carrier 50 quart 1.5- and 2-ton equipment. Each unit is factory-tested to ensure start-up. ECR also introduced its Argo “AT” Series C electric boilers. The wall-hung units have zero emissions and can be applied to radiant systems. Other applications include those requiring special temperature settings as well as for use as a backup heat source for solar applications. The one-piece cast-iron heat exchanger is backed by a 20-year warranty. The company also announced an increase in capacity to its CAHV and UNHV Series. Both had 30,000 and 36,000 Btu added to their lines.

Energy Kinetics Inc. displayed the AccelCS combined heat and hot water condensing boiler system. It features 95 percent AFUE, uses either natural gas or propane, is made of high-grade stainless steel, and is made in the U.S. It comes with a convenient wall or floor mount, gas protection alarm, and Auto Express Setup. The unit also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Energy Saving Products Ltd., featured its zoning-ready HE-Z Series. Ideal for retrofit applications, the space-saving, small-diameter ducts can fit in confined spaces with no major remodeling. The system provides constant air circulation and quiet operation. It is zoning-capable out of the box. It can be configured to select different temperatures for different parts of the home at different times as desired. Paired with the HE PS Hi-Velocity air purification system, it provides optimum IAQ.

Farho USA Corp. showed its patented high-efficiency electric radiators. The heaters feature a high-temperature thermal fluid with high heat-conducting capacity and low-vapor pressure specially developed for maximum performance. The metal-clad heating element made of AISI-304 stainless steel tube provides low-energy consumption and maximum heat efficiency. The Elegance TDE model utilizes a state-of-the-art digital thermostat to give superior room temperature control. With the Xana Plus XP model, the desired temperature can be set up in up to six independent operating periods for each day of the week. Twin probe technology ensures an accurate temperature reading.

Friedrich Air Conditioning introduced its J-Series line of ductless split systems for residential and light commercial applications. The new ductless line offers single- and multi-zone systems that incorporate Precision Inverter Technology, which adjusts outdoor and indoor fan speeds and cooling output to provide more precise cooling and dehumidification. With mix-and-match multi-zone options, there are 131 possible combinations of wall-mounted, concealed duct, and ceiling cassette models. All Friedrich ductless models include DiamonGold Advanced Corrosion Protection on the outdoor condensing components. Optional wired, wall-mounted thermostats are fully programmable and feature an infrared sensor that enables communication with the standard remote control. In total, Friedrich’s J-Series ductless split system line offers 146 installation configurations, of which 83 are Energy Star qualified.

Fujitsu General America Inc. debuted two new lines of high-efficiency, floor-mounted, mini-split heat pump systems with heating that operates at ambient temperatures as low as -15?F (RLFFH line), or -5? (RLFF line). Efficiency ratings are as high as 26 SEER. The small indoor units were developed specifically for residential and light commercial retrofit applications to replace standing radiators or any space with limited upper wall space like a kitchen or sunroom. They are less than 24-inches high and 30-inches wide and are available in 9,000-, 12,000-, or 15,000-Btu single-zone models or in multi-zone configurations. Heating capacity at low outdoor temperatures is achieved through the use of a large heat exchanger and a high-capacity compressor. RLFFH systems are equipped with a base heater that prevents condensate from freezing and features a cultivated base design that discharges melted water through many holes. All systems provide wide, two-fan airflow. The upper and lower airflow quickly conditions an entire room. Standard features also include a designer wireless remote control and a host of different operating modes. All systems are Energy Star qualified and meet 2014 Most Efficient standards.

GeoStar introduced an update to its Aston Series geothermal heat pump system, which now features sophisticated Aurora controls that provide two-way communication with components for superior performance and troubleshooting capabilities. Aurora communication offers instantaneous, monthly, or 13-month historical energy monitoring capability at the thermostat. GeoStar also showcased the Sycamore Series geothermal comfort system, which combines a variable-capacity compressor with a variable-speed blower motor and a variable-speed loop pump to provide energy-efficient comfort, while protecting the environment. The use of variable-speed technology allows the unit to scale output to exactly the level needed, rather than running at one or two speeds. Available in 3-5-ton capacities, the Sycamore Series achieves an EER of 41 and a 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP). The Sycamore’s variable-capacity compressor offers soft-start capabilities that eliminate light flicker and gently ramps up to speed for quiet operation.

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai featured its Hansol Series of heating and cooling systems. The series is rated at 27 SEER with seven fan speeds and advanced airflow design, the latter including automatic horizontal airflow and waterfall heating airflow.

Hybrid UKT Air Conditioning Ltd. introduced its concept of air conditioning and heating with no external unit. The self-contained HVAC units use a single 8-inch hole through the wall with external grille. The Vertical is a slim-line design, just 30-cm wide. It has a cooling capacity of 7,000-12,000 Btu. Airflow ranges from 200-450 cubic meters per hour. Thermal energy recovery reduces power consumption and provides energy savings. The Wildwind offers a capacity range from 1.5-hp single compressor to 3-hp twin compressor, 13,000-26,000 Btu. Airflow ranges from 300-800 cubic meters per hour. The low-noise unit also offers easy installation.

King Electrical Mfg. Co. displayed its electric in-floor heating system kits. The in-floor heating cable kit includes cable, strapping, a thermostat, cable alarm, and floor sensor. Pre-sized kits range from 10-200 square feet and install directly beneath tile or stone floors. The system is energy efficient (12 W per square foot), and the innovative strapping system speeds up installation. The in-floor heating mat kit contains a self-adhesive mat, thermostat, floor sensor, and cable alarm.

LG Electronics USA Inc. showed its new multi-zone versions of the unique Art Cool Gallery duct-free system. Previously only available for a single zone, LG’s popular Art Cool Gallery indoor unit has now been combined with LG’s multi-zone duct-free split heat pump system, allowing heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones with up to 54,000-Btuh system capacity. The LG Art Cool Gallery Multi F system allows customers to personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork or photography. Art Cool Gallery makes the air conditioning unit a part of the décor while combining it with LG’s energy-efficient inverter technology. These indoor units, combined with small-footprint outdoor units, provide both physical comfort and a stylish aesthetic. The Multi F product line also has been expanded to include High Static Duct and Vertical Air Handler systems.

Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division introduced the MSZ-FH line of Hyper-Heating residential systems. At 30.5 SEER, the MSZ-FH09NA/MUZ-FH09NA system is an energy-efficient ductless zoning system that provides significant heating capacity in extreme cold climates. Its inverter compressor technology and heat transfer capabilities allow the MSZ-FH to operate at 100 percent heating capacity at 5?F. This enhanced Hyper-Heating Inverter capability reduces the need for a backup heat source such as a gas furnace or boiler. The MSZ-FH line also includes i-see Sensor 3D infrared sensing technology, which measures the location of heat signatures, or humans, in the zone as well as the cubic volume of the space. Depending on those factors, the system delivers conditioned air to needed areas by double-vane airflow. For improved IAQ, the triple-action filtration system includes a nano-platinum filter, electrostatic anti-allergen enzyme filter, and deodorizing filter.

Monitor Products Inc. displayed its Multi-zone system heat pumps. Customers can now heat and cool multiple rooms in their homes with one outdoor unit. The system can handle up to 36,000 Btu, and there are various indoor units available from 9,000-18,000 Btu, which can be used together in any combination amounting to 36,000 Btu or less. Additionally, indoor units can be mixed and matched within the multi-zone system. A wall-mounted unit, a floor console, and/or a ceiling cassette can now be used together, all operated by one outdoor unit.

Napoleon Products, a Wolf Steel Ltd. company, offered its Condo Pack through-the-wall, self-contained heating and cooling unit for residential low- and high-rise, institutional, and industrial installations. The Condo Pack is prewired and pre-charged with Napoleon’s slide-out chassis that allows for fast maintenance for both heating and cooling units. It features a 20-30 percent weight reduction, 50 percent reduced refrigerant charge, improved airflow, a reduction in fan noise, a durable design, improved serviceability, and ease of maintenance.

Navien America Inc. introduced the NCB Series combi-boilers, which are capable of simultaneously delivering hydronic heat and domestic hot water, even in cold climates. The units are offered in three models, the NCB-180, NCB-210, and NCB-240. Maximum heating input for hydronic heating is 80,000 Btuh, 100,000 Btuh, and 120,000 Btuh, respectively. Domestic hot water flow rates for each model at 77 delta T are 3.4, 4.0, and 4.5 gallons per minute (gpm), respectively. The units also feature a negative gas pressure valve and a dual venturi system that allows for field convertibility from natural gas to liquid propane operation.

Nu-Air Ventilation Inc. demonstrated its Enerheat IFP45, a combination condensing furnace and condensing fireplace. It combines the heat exchanger of a high-efficiency furnace and a traditional heat exchanger, and allows users to use it as a furnace, fireplace, or both, simultaneously. It has an AFUE rating of 95.7 and a rate of 20,000 Btuh (fireplace only), 22,500 Btuh (furnace only), or a simultaneous rate of 42,500 Btuh.

Panasonic Corp. displayed Exterios, a 28.5-SEER HVAC system with inverter technology that enables the change of power supply frequency, providing each model with flexible operation while using less electricity. The inverter constantly adjusts the compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter continues to operate with minimum power to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. The company also highlighted System 5, an 18.5-SEER, inverter, multi-split heat pump, which allows a single outdoor unit to be connected to two to five indoor units.

PB Heat LLC’s Peerless Boilers showcased its Series WB90™ residential cast-iron oil boilers, which feature efficiencies of up to 90 percent AFUE. Designed for both direct- and natural-draft venting, this boiler is ideal for large-volume hot water applications. It features a sleek, two-piece molded boiler cover with removable lens for viewing the control, and its primary/secondary piping ensures cast-iron protection.

Pridiom Group LLC exhibited its Comfort Series mini-split units. The units feature Aqua-Krome Gold™ hydrophilic coating, designed to help shed water that forms on the system’s evaporator coil, helping to minimize the chances of mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. When in cooling mode, the fan on the indoor unit will always run. This helps to clean the air and boost comfort levels. In heating mode, the indoor fan will only run when the heating element is at the correct temperature and the system is calling for heat. An auto mode provides automatic changeover. The company also released its POM185HXX condenser designed for one or two zones, compatible with a number of evaporator models; the Multi-Zone Concealed Duct Evaporators, available in three different models with cooling capacities of 11,700-24,600 Btu of cooling and 11,500-24,600 Btu of heating, and indoor air circulation of 341-550 cfm; and Stand-Alone and Desiccant Heavy-Duty Dehumidifiers.

QHT Inc. displayed the Firebird oil-fired, low-mass condensing boiler, which achieves an AFUE rating of 91.5 percent with a patented down-flue heat exchanger. This unique heat exchanger utilizes premium-grade mild and stainless steel for the perfect combination of heat transfer and corrosion resistance properties. The intricate flue passage design slows the exhaust gases, maximizing heat transfer and efficiency while yielding an ultra low stack temperature. The Riello RDB burner provides the high static pressure required to operate this boiler.

Radiant Green Flooring introduced its gypcrete/overpour, hardwood/cement board/tile, and foam insulation radiant products. The gypcrete/overpour and hardwood/cement board/tile offerings are available in 2-by-3-foot sizes, ½-inch tubing sizes, with a 1-inch thickness. The foam insulation features interlocking panels with no staples required. A wheelbarrow may be driven over top without damaging the pipe. The product is available in 4-by-4-foot sizes, ½-inch tubing, 2-inch thickness, and features an R-value of 10.3 or higher.

Rescom Rads exhibited its RESCOM 2100, which simulates a baseboard. At 7 1/8-inches high and 1 1/16-inches deep, the heater sits flush against the wall, allowing the homeowner to place furniture anywhere in the room. RESCOM 2100 is constructed from tough extruded aluminum and covered with high-impact baked appliance enamel for added good looks and durability. Panels may be painted to match a home’s décor.

Rheem Mfg. Co. displayed its 90 percent-plus gas furnace platform, which is available under the Rheem and Ruud brands. These furnaces employ a direct spark ignition system and also feature the patent-pending Blocked Drain Sensor, which detects a blocked drain and then shuts off the furnace. A seven-segment alphanumeric LED display aids technicians on any service calls, as error codes are easily readable, facilitating faster and more accurate diagnostics.

Rinnai Corp. showed its E50C Condensing Combi Boiler for residential and multifamily home-heating needs and water-heating needs. The unit requires no primary secondary piping for common installations. The natural gas- or propane-fueled unit boasts 95.6 AFUE, is compatible with a ½-inch gas line, and has an input range of 13,600-50,000 Btu. The company also showcased its Vent-Free Fan Convectors, providing supplemental heat to hard-to-heat spaces. The automatically adjustable heat output and blower allow the unit to maintain a consistent temperature. Additional safety features include a tilt switch, oxygen depletion sensor, cool-to-the-touch cabinet, child safety lock, and more.

Robur Corp. introduced the ACF HR Series 5-ton, gas-fired absorption chiller, which is designed for air conditioning applications that require simultaneous hot water production. The heat recovery operation does not interfere with normal chiller operation, and when heat recovery is not required, the unit operates as a chiller only. This high-efficiency chiller uses a water-ammonia, air-cooled absorption cycle and is designed for outdoor installation.

Samsung Air Conditioner offered the DVMS high-efficiency system air conditioner with ratings up to 27 SEER. It uses variable-speed compressors with vapor injection features. There is rotational defrost cycle with snow flowing function.

Sanden Corp. showcased its R-744 (CO2) advanced heating and hot water-producing systems. Sanden’s innovative Combi System is a dual space-heating and hot water-producing system utilizing one of the outdoor units to provide domestic hot water and also act as a backup heat pump for heating.

Sharp Corp. announced it is making its full line of duct-free heating and air conditioning systems available to the North American market. The company said equipment is stocked and distributed by Evergreen Products from warehouse locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Sharp noted its air conditioners incorporate advanced, high-precision technology in a stylish cabinet designed to enhance a home’s décor. Unique airflow control allows for on-demand heating-cooling to optimize comfort. Inverter technology provides high efficiency.

SSHC Inc.’s ENERJOY I Radiant Ceiling Panels are now available in various finishes. SSHC now offers several standard finishes for its electric radiant ceiling panels, which will complement the décor of any home or facility. ENERJOY Radiant Panels can always be painted with a flat acrylic water-based paint. The panel finishes are available on the company’s surface-mounted radiant panels or T-bar style panels for drop ceiling grid lay-in.

TCL Air Conditioner Co. Ltd. showcased its Titangold Full 5D DC Inverter. The mini-split unit is part of the company’s EH Series and features a large radian and highlighted panel design. Additional features include R-410A refrigerant, a high-efficient inner-grooved copper pipe, six layers of rust-free protection, intelligent defrost, low-voltage starting, wide-voltage operation, and more.

Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, introduced the TruComfort™ line of variable-speed air conditioners and heat pumps, which are designed to deliver precise and consistent comfort by running their compressors at the exact speed needed to keep homes comfortable. Featuring ComfortLink™ II Communicating Control Boards with refrigerant-cooled inverters, they consistently optimize their run speed, often at lower outputs, to provide continuous comfort within a half degree of the targeted temperature. The line features efficiencies of 17-21 SEER, while the TruComfort XV-S variable-speed system features efficiencies of up to 27.5 SEER.

U.S. Boiler Co. Inc. debuted the K2 condensing gas boiler with a heat exchanger of a non-welded composite design, which reduces corrosion risk. It offers precise modulation to heating demand and prevents nuisance lockouts. It comes equipped with the Sage 2.2 control with touch display, which provides diagnostics and plain language guidance. Its premium pump is preinstalled in the boiler loop, and a fast connection can be made with polypropylene vent termination.

Unico Inc. displayed its vertical air-handling unit designed specifically for closet spaces. This package unit has the blower and coil all in one, and it can use the Green Series control box and software, which provides the ability to precisely manage airflow. The company also featured Technibel, a mini-split product line that includes refrigerant-based outdoor inverter units, ranging 1-4 tons. The line also includes high-wall indoor mini-split units that generate fewer than 21 decibels of sound.

UTL Air Conditioning Technology Co. Ltd. exhibited the R-410A DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump. It has intelligent controls by panel or wire controller, multi-programming preset, self-multifunction diagnosis and alert, and is easily connectable for installation and maintenance.

Watts Radiant showed its SmartTrac Panel Solution. It is a nonstructural, modular panel system designed to simplify radiant heating and cooling installations in subfloor, wall, and ceiling applications. According to the company, the product is easy to configure and quick to install. It is considered a flexible solution for any new construction or remodeling project. The product features a one-panel solution with no silicone required. It has a low profile, is lightweight, and can be configured for any space. The product is made of a minimum of 92 percent recycled content and can help eliminate schedule and curing delays.

Wilo USA LLC displayed its Wilo Star Z stainless steel, three-speed wet rotor circulator. The unit features a max flow of 35 gallons per minute (gpm), a max head of 33 feet, and a max working pressure of 140 psi. The company also debuted its Wilo BLZ block line stainless steel closed-coupling pump, with a max flow of 900 gpm, max head of 290 feet, and a max working pressure of 230 psi.

Publication date: 2/17/2014 

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