As technology continues to advance, more and more industry mobile applications are becoming available for smartphones and tablets. These mobile apps can be valuable tools for HVACR customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

Here at The NEWS, we will be spotlighting several of these mobile apps each month. If you have an app you would like included in the App Zone, please complete our online submission form. If you have any questions, please email


Fujitsu Mobile Technician

Fujitsu Mobile TechnicianCompany: Fujitsu General America Inc.

Platform(s): iOS v6.0 or later (optimized for iPhone 5)

Released: October 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: Apple iTunes and

Description: Fujitsu’s Mobile Technician app is a handy troubleshooting tool for the company’s air conditioning and heat pump systems. The app helps contractors troubleshoot error codes, thermistors, and pressure sensors. It also includes a built-in flashlight. Available as a troubleshooting system performance aid 24/7/365 and requiring no phone call or waiting on hold, the Fujitsu Mobile Technician app provides most of the same information the company’s technical support specialists provide. Installers and service techs can get information about all current residential and light commercial models.

Quote: “With the Fujitsu Mobile Technician, contractors have immediate access to trouble/error codes, any time of day. Step-by-step instructions help contractors diagnose and resolve problems of an installed system. We anticipate this will be one of the most popular service tools we have.” — Victor Gomez, director of service, Fujitsu


Nidec MotorPro

Nidec MotorProCompany: Nidec Motor Corp.

Platform(s): Apple, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices

Released: January 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: Apple iTunes, Google Play, BlackBerry World, and

Description: The MotorPro app lets the user access details of U.S. Motors products from the palm of his or her hand. The app allows the user to cross-reference motors, access product data, calculate energy efficiency, look up terms in the app’s glossary, find the nearest distributor, and contact the company.

Quote: “Nidec has integrated a set of user-friendly tools, features, and functions like no other in the industry into a smartphone app for HVAC contractors, commercial and industrial distributors, and end users.” — Scott Durfee, global product manager, Nidec


Autodesk FormIt

Autodesk FormItCompany: Autodesk Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: Dec. 3, 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The FormIt app helps the user capture building design concepts digitally anytime, anywhere. The app uses real-world site information to help create and support early design decisions with real building data. App users can experience a continuous building information modeling (BIM) workflow by synchronizing designs in the cloud for further refinement using Autodesk® Revit® software products and other applications. App users can create forms quickly from a gallery of shapes, directly manipulate forms using gestures for easy model changes, and save designs to the cloud to share with others. They can also set project locations in a searchable map interface, import satellite images of sites, design directly in the context of the proposed building location, explore the effects of the sun using the location-aware Shadow Study tool, start early program analysis by tracking gross building floor area ratio, store and share designs in the cloud using Autodesk® 360 cloud services, easily transfer designs to desktop applications via RVT or SAT file formats, explore design ideas, and add detail to early design forms using award-winning BIM technology.

Quote: “Finally. I love this app on iOS, and now it’s on Android, too. Great work, Autodesk.” — Noel Murillo, Google Play review


Building Code Digital

Building Code DigitalCompany: Engineering 7 Inc.

Platform(s): Android mobile devices (iOS coming soon)

Updated: Florida codes released in July 2013; NYC in October 2013

Cost: Building volume is always free; Mechanical code varies from $1.99 (NYC) to $4.99 (Fla.)

Available for download: Google Play and

Description: The Building Code Digital Series of mobile applications will not only boost productivity, it will also help save both time and money. When armed with Building Code Digital apps, contractors will never have to wait to return to the office to look up codes; instead, RFIs can be taken care of on the spot, on-site design conflicts can be resolved on-site, and questionable code-related punch-list items can be handled in real time. Use the search feature to quickly search by individual word or phrase, scroll through the code without having to flip a single page, jump to the section you need with the active index feature, and justify text to get all content on screen.

Quote: “This is way more convenient to have around at any given time. I mean, who doesn’t have a smartphone on them these days? For the same information as a book in a more price-conscious range — and to always be in the palm of my hand — what could be better?” – M. Acosta, Google Play review


OESP Mobile Resource Guide

OESP Mobile Resource GuideCompany: Oil & Energy Service Professionals (OESP)

Platform(s): Apple mobile devices

Released: March 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: Apple iTunes and

Description: In the basement or at the office, this is an app that can be used by the service tech to find manufacturers’ website information and phone numbers, to help them troubleshoot and get the latest information on the equipment they may be working on. The app is broken down into categories for the manufacturer’s information. This app can also be another source for the latest news briefs and events in the oil and energy industry.

Quote: “OESP Mobile is a fast and easy way to get the latest happenings in the oil and energy industry. The app is updated regularly and includes contact and website information for manufacturers and the latest news, all on your smartphone or tablet device.” — Ralph Adams, vice president, OESP


Totaline Mobile Technician

Totaline Mobile TechnicianCompany: Carrier Corp.

Platform(s): iOS v6.x – v7.x, Android v4.0 – v4.3

Released: Nov. 27, 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The app not only helps technicians figure out the part they need and where to get it — it also helps them find their nearest Totaline sales center. Once the part needed is determined, the app puts the technician in touch with the closest store, and provides GPS directions to the location. The app also stores parts data for up to 14 days, making it easier to complete paperwork back at the office. The app features easy scanning or keyed input, access to source systems for current data, serial number to model number lookup, equipment bill-of-materials search, compressor cross-referencing, equipment literature lookup, access to marketing programs like Win/Win, search history, FAQ-building database, and onboard GPS store locator.

Quote: “This application provides dealers, contractors, or technicians the ability to take their tools from the office with them in their pocket to service Carrier®, Bryant®, and Payne® equipment.” — Jim Flynn, training manager, Totaline

Publication date: 12/30/2013 

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