With the ability to clip on to any pan size, the CS1200 multiposition ac shutoff switch detects water in the pan quickly and shuts off the equipment to prevent damage. The float switch has an adjustable housing that twists to match any pan angle for easy installation. The easy-to-see visual trip indicator alarm displays red if the switch is tripped. It features a test button that can be pushed to verify that the switch is installed and functioning properly. The bright LED indicator visually confirms proper operation. According to the manufacturer, because of the large, open area the unit has for water to enter the detection chamber, there is no detection failure from small holes that can get clogged and no callbacks due to clogged switches. The hinged fast-lock clamp bar self-adjusts to the angle of the pan wall for a level switch. A single screw fastens the switch to the pan; no drilling or utilizing multiple thumb screws is necessary. The switch uses a 2-wire installation.

DiversiTech Corp.

eProduct 185

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