Question: How do I get the results I expect when I send employees to training?

How do I gain buy-in from a technician who is already pacing ahead of his established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?Answer: So many times, when we send employees to training, we are too focused on the cost. We don’t want our employees to waste their opportunity or our money. We set our expectations on what they should do while at training: don’t be late, don’t spend more than $50 a day, don’t waste my money … Sound familiar? Employees need to understand and buy in to why they are going to training and how that training will benefit them at work.

This starts by letting your employees be part of setting the expectations for their training. Ask the employee which one or two things offered by the training are most interesting or challenging to them. Write those down. Then, on the same sheet of paper, ask them to write down, in their own words, one or two things they expect to impact upon returning from the training.

By involving your employees in these steps before the training occurs, they will begin to take ownership of what they are learning and how they can apply that back in your shop. You will have specific and documented expectations that you can review, measure, and coach from, if needed.

Julian Scadden is the training implementation coach at Nexstar® Network. He guides contractors to get the most from their technician training by setting a road map to implement and track new processes and behaviors. To learn more, visit If you have a question you’d like answered, email

Publication date: 10/28/2013 

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