ARLINGTON, Va. — The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has launched a new education initiative to make professional, consistent training available to industry professionals all over the country. ACCA’s first online certificate program, “Residential HVAC Design for Quality Installation,” is available 24/7, offering a comprehensive grounding in the concepts required to properly design a residential air conditioning system.

Quality Installation (QI) of residential HVAC is built on the fundamentals of sound system design using American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved standards such as ACCA Manual J (Load Calculation) and ACCA Manual D (Residential Duct Design). QI requirements, as outlined in ANSI/ACCA Standard 5 (the HVAC Quality Installation Specification), are increasingly incorporated into codes, state, and local government rules, utility rebate programs, federal incentive programs (including Energy Star for New Homes), and others.

“Builders and homeowners expect HVAC systems to be installed according to QI principles,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, president and CEO, ACCA. “But QI starts with the design process — you can’t install it right if you don’t design it right.”

While modern HVAC system design relies heavily on computer software, Stalknecht said the software is only a portion of the process.

“Expecting software to produce an accurate HVAC system design is like expecting Microsoft Word to produce a bestselling novel,” he said. “Just because you can type, doesn’t mean you can write. And just because you can enter some values in a field, doesn’t mean that they are the right values and they will probably produce a wrong result. Software is a tool that can and should be used. But if you don’t fully understand the concepts and principles of Manual J and Manual D, you will not get software to produce an accurate load calculation. This class provides you the knowledge you need to understand Manual J, Manual D, and the HVAC QI Specification.”

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Publication date: 10/29/2012