FORT WORTH, Texas — The United States can virtually eliminate the need for imported energy in less than a decade, through advancements in energy exploration that tap into the nation’s domestic energy resources, according to Advanced Energy Center of America.

Advanced Energy Center notes that, with some 50 percent of the country’s oil supply coming from foreign sources, the U.S. is vulnerable to overseas political unrest. “Advanced Energy Center of America is joining the national chorus of corporations, political leaders, and proud citizens who are calling for America to achieve independence again,” said Farrell Arceneaux, CEO. “It’s imperative and urgent that America regain control of its own energy supplies before our economy is derailed by an energy crisis not of our own doing.”

Advanced Energy Center of America has provided backing for the launch of, an informational website promoting energy independence, with a goal of reaching and celebrating U.S. energy independence on July 4, 2016.

“In recent years, America’s engineering brilliance has paved the way for innovative companies to lead America to energy independence again,” Arceneaux said. “New drilling technologies, such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, led to a domestic boom in extraction of resources from geologic shale formations that were thought to be worthless until recently.”

“Harnessing wind and solar power is important to our planet and continual development of alternative energy holds great long-term potential,” Arceneaux said. “However, a more immediate solution is natural gas, an abundant and affordable fuel that burns much cleaner than gasoline or other fossil fuels.”

Developing a comprehensive national energy policy that envelops environmental protection and economic development, while leading our nation to greater national security through energy independence is a vital concern that needs to be addressed immediately by elected officials and national leadership, according to Arceneaux.

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Publication date: 02/06/2012