Energy efficiency and energy savings go hand-in-hand. Products that can deliver on these will save the end users money, which may seem to homeowners and/or building owners like the equipment is saving the day. A few of the many products that can offer end users these types of savings are highlighted below.


The Bosch line of Energy Star-certified geothermal heat pumps offers efficiency and is backed by a 10-year parts and labor warranty. Each unit undergoes factory testing within a certified ISO 9001:2008 facility to ensure quality and performance. The Bosch line is offered in three product families: Geo 1000, Geo 3000, and Geo 6000 — offering a range of water-to-water and water-to-air solutions for any size residential heating and cooling need. Bosch Geo Series high-efficiency geothermal heat pumps are sold in ½- to 6-ton configurations for all three model numbers.


Carrier said its Infinity® Hybrid Heat® system is designed to deliver maximum comfort and economy at high efficiency ratings. The system is managed by the Infinity control and includes the Infinity 20 heat pump and the Infinity 98 modulating gas furnace, both with Greenspeed™ intelligence. A hybrid heat system will automatically switch between electric and gas heating as needed while delivering heating efficiencies of up to 13 HSPF and cooling efficiencies of up to 20 SEER, the company said. The heat pump is capable of providing a higher degree of warmth at the register when outdoor temperatures fall into the teens. The second component of the system is the Infinity 98 furnace, which achieves an AFUE of up to 97.4 percent, the company said. Enabled by Greenspeed intelligence, it combines modulating and variable-speed technologies to achieve adaptable-speed performance and has a communication system backed by the intelligence of the Infinity control. The result is precision load matching from a furnace that constantly adapts to a home’s conditions, the company said.


The Danfoss Universal TR6 thermostatic expansion valve is available in seven models that cover original equipment manufacturer air conditioner and heat pump designs in a wide range of applications, from 1.5 to 6 tons in HCFC-22 and HFC-410A systems. All aftermarket TR6 valves have 3/8- by 3/8-inch connections and come with Aeroquip and Chatleff fittings, meaning they install into almost any residential air conditioning system. This feature simplifies stocking and inventory as service technicians do not need to carry several different OEM valve designs on their trucks and a wholesaler can be more assured that they will have a replacement TXV for OEM equipment, regardless of manufacturer. An internal check valve, adjustable superheat, and adaptable inlet and outlet ports allow contractors to install the valve after selecting the refrigerant, tonnage, and connection type.


Emerson has developed the Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor. Its list of features includes an optimized scroll design offering maximum efficiency over a broad capacity range, high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet motor technology, a scroll oil pump for reliable lubrication at all speeds, and a motor control drive that delivers power for accurate speed control, while enhancing protection and reliability with built-in compressor monitoring and diagnostics. The variable-speed scroll compressor en-
ables heat pump systems to achieve up to 13 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and 29 percent greater efficiency, the company said. The compressor also enables year-round heat pump comfort with 60 percent overspeed capability for hotter supply air in the winter and 60 percent capacity turndown for better dehumidification in the summer. The compressor with motor control drive also delivers diagnostics and protection capabilities to improve ease of service and system reliability.


When running ductwork proves impractical or costly, the Goodman® ductless MS 20 mini-split brings high-efficiency heating and cooling performance to challenging spaces, said the manufacturer. With up to 20 SEER performance, the mini-splits are said to be as effective as residential split a/c or heat pump units. They can be installed through a single 3½-inch wall opening with refrigerant, drain, and control lines connected to the outdoor and indoor units. The mini-splits use 180-degree sine wave dc inverter technology in its brushless motor compressor to create a system that reduces temperature fluctuations as well as sound. An inverter allows the mini-split to continuously regulate thermal transfer by altering the speed of the compressor in response to cooling and heating demand. This eliminates the stop-start cycles, which helps extend the compressor’s efficiency and the life of its components. The Follow Me remote control uses ambient temperature at the location of the remote to determine actual heating or cooling demand. The product uses HFC-410A refrigerant, indoor antibacterial fan, odor capture carbon filter, turbo settings for fast cooling or heating, auto-restart temperature setting(remote memory automatically sets thermostat at last stored temperature setting), and an LCD display.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric) announced that it will incorporate Honeywell’s RedLINK™ wireless HVAC protocol into Mitsubishi Electric’s line of split-ductless and ducted heat pumps. The RedLINK-enabled split-ductless system is designed to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. With RedLINK technology, a wall-mounted wireless remote controller communicates through radio frequency, meaning that the wireless controller(s) can be placed in a different room than the indoor units and that no wires need to be run through the walls. The wall-mounted controller(s) will look almost identical to traditional wall-mounted thermostats to which customers in the U.S. market are accustomed, with backlit displays and intuitive operational functions. The portable central controller (PCC) allows users the freedom of climate control of up to 16 zones from anywhere in the home. The control system will also operate all of the control functions traditionally available in Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems, including zone control, adjustable fan speed, vane positioning, and more.

The 29-gallon Rheem XR90 extreme recovery gas water heater is an Energy Star®-qualified unit the company said outperforms standard 50-gallon units by leveraging a proprietary baffle and flue design, which retains the burner’s heat longer and thus transfers more to the stored water. As a result, the byproducts of the combustion process must be propelled through the flue. The XR90 does this with a 110-vac, fan-assisted draft inducer, powered by a standard household current. The electrical power and upgraded venting process helps the unit achieve an Energy Factor (EF) of .70.

Trane’s EarthWise™ geothermal systems T2GX/T1GX offer up to 29.4 EER efficiency and are available in single- and two-stage units. The variable-speed blower motor offers up to 12 airflow selections. Optional heating for a water supply is available. The company said the products offer efficiency “because they can return up to $4 of heat for every $1 of electricity used.” Other features and benefits the manufacturer said the systems offer are environmental friendliness, because they use renewable heat from inside the earth; comfort, because the systems provide consistent, even temperatures every day of the year; reliability, because they are built with quality materials and true craftsmanship, and backed with robust warranties; and flexibility, because three different configurations allow the systems to adapt to any region, in any home.

The York® Affinity™ YP9C 98 percent AFUE modulating gas furnace is designed for applications with limited space, as it stands 33 inches tall. Integrated controls provide comfort to within ½˚ of the thermostat set point, ensuring precise modulation of the gas valve, from 35 to 100 percent in 100 increments, according to the manufacturer. Features include high-level self-diagnostic controls with fault codes as well as fully supported, slide-out blower assembly. It also features an insulated blower compartment for thermal and acoustic performance, as well as an electronically commutated motor for quiet operation — as low as 47 dB. This variable-speed model features an ECM fan motor option. Longer run times mean fewer hot and cold spots and longer periods of air filtering, resulting in cleaner and more comfortable air. In addition, external air filters are used for maximum flexibility in meeting customers’ IAQ needs.

Publication date: 10/10/2011

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