COURSE TITLE:Air Conditioning I and II


DATE:May 20-21

LOCATION:Des Plaines, Ill.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:In Air Conditioning I, students learn basic air conditioning concepts. It is a refresher for the experienced installer and service technician. Specific topics to be discussed include brazing and soldering, the refrigeration cycle, compressor function, metering device types, safe handling of refrigerants, using gauges for troubleshooting, measuring superheat, charging with the superheat method, proper evacuation procedures, and reading and interpreting schematic diagrams. The Air Conditioning II class details how to calculate airflow across an evaporator coil, troubleshoot thermostatic expansion valves, measure and adjust superheat, measure and adjust charge utilizing subcooling, select replacement capacitors, wire hard start kits, charge and evacuate familiar and unfamiliar systems, fine tune, and troubleshoot electrical and refrigeration side problems. Participants of this seminar must have some air conditioning experience. Attendees have the option of attending one or both of these seminars and will receive a discount for attending both. Seminar attendees will have the option to take the following exams: RSES Certificate Member, RSES Specialist Member, Environmental Protection Agency Section 608 Certification, Universal R-410A Certification, and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) series of

Publication date:04/25/2011