The Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) air-handling equipment provide superior comfort and delivered efficiency. The units offer multiple outlets for optimal air distribution and reduced temperature stratification within a room. Aspiration actively mixes the jets of air, pulling the room’s existing air into the airstream for consistent temperatures from floor to ceiling without drafts. Components of the system include the air handler that’s coupled with a central air conditioner/furnace or heat pump (air-to-air or geothermal); flexible tubing that can be snaked behind walls, floors, and ceilings; and small outlets that can be selected to match the surface finish. The systems come in 1½- to 5-ton capacities, and the line includes a full array of tubing, outlets, and other accessories. According to the manufacturer, the SDHV systems are ideal for custom homes, renovations or retrofits, and historical properties as they maintain the interior décor and architectural integrity of the structure, and they work equally well for commercial and retail properties. The air handler can be located in the basement, attic, closet, or crawl space. For retrofits, installation involves drilling small holes for the outlets, minimizing dust and mess in living areas. Also, the systems save the time and expense of having sheet metal ductwork fabricated, says the company.

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