TROY, Mich. - An hour-long webinar titled “Selling in a Challenging Economic Environment!” will take place on June 3, 1 p.m. EDT. Customers have changed tremendously in the last few years, so this webinar will feature people who have studied this new consumer behavior and are applying that to successful sales calls today.

The event presenters are Kevin Carlile, vice president of Trane Sales for Residential Solutions; Jack Stanton, group planning director of Carmichael Lynch, a strategic communications company. Mike Murphy, editor-in-chief ofThe NEWS, will moderate the webinar.

The webinar will provide attendees with valuable insight into the three questions every business should be able to answer now and in the future: How is today’s consumer different compared to just a few years ago and why is it important to you? How can you package your marketing message to sell now and later? How can businesses earn and establish credibility in today’s wacky economy?

Attendees can submit questions during the webinar which will be answered by the panelists. Register at

Publication date:05/24/2010